In Focus

Image by Peter Malutzki. Used with permission.

April 10 - May 26, 2017

Photographs have had a home in the book format since the earliest days of photography. However, the interest in and study of the ‘photobook’ as a form is a more recent phenomenon. The definition of a photobook is still fluid in critical discussions, and perhaps it is this lack of rigid characteristics that makes the art form so interesting to collect and study. This exhibition highlights the work of the Arts and Beinecke Libraries to collect photobooks in a wide variety of formats and explores how the collecting practices of these two libraries intersect and complement each other. Together, these two collections offer a broad historical context in which to examine and critically engage with this emergent form.

Image copyright. Peter Malutzki. Used with permission. From Lucy in the Sky: Big Brother is Watching You…

The Arts Library's trial access to runs through April 30. Library Stack is a growing database of born-digital books, audio, videos, apps, and documents related to contemporary art and design, with intersections into cultural criticism, media studies, architecture and philosophy. Discovery of contemporary art resources, even those available on the open web, can be a challenge, and Library Stack seeks to collocate them, archive them, and make them searchable through additional metadata and an engaging interface. For some items, only a citation or link is available, while others offer a full download. Please contact Library Stack with feedback on the new platform.