NJ18 Call numbers: 2001 notation (with: 2010 Revision for SML) - Shelflisting on Web Voyage


If a name search indicates the artist has not been established, search in Web Voyage using the call number search. (Web Voyage will display more items than the Staff Call Number search, the browse feature is easier to use; and the display can be refreshed when a new number has been inserted.) Your search should include NJ18 and at least the first letter (if a consonant other than S) or the first 2 letters (if a vowel or S) or Sch. When the call index displays, scroll down or click to the previous or next screen as appropriate. When you have found the proper insertion point, go back to the Staff Mode, enter the call number in 852 and save. Then go back to Web Voyage, refresh the display, and verify that the new number is in sequence.

Example. Artist: Brand, Linda.

The Cutter table suggests Brand would be Cuttered around B73. In the Web Voyage "Search in" box click on Call Number and in the "Search for" box enter nj18 b73.

Cataloger retrieves a range of numbers from [1] NJ18 B732 (Bracchi) through [50] NJ18 B74 (Bramante). Bramante is relatively close to Brand, so the cataloger clicks on NEXT.

On the next screen, the range is from [1] NJ18 B74 (more Bramante) through [50] NJ18 B747 (Brancusi). Brancusi is even closer to Brand, so NEXT is clicked again.

On this page, [1] is NJ18 B746 (Brancusi) and [2] is NJ18 B747 (Brandegee). As the display indicates, it is safe to insert a number between NJ18 B746 and NJ18 B747 for Brand Since you are trying to insert Brand between Brancusi and Brandegee, you want to leave space on either side, so use NJ18 B7465. (The Cutter number "rule of 3": last digit of the Cutter should never be less than 3 if possible)

Effective Date: 
February 4, 2014