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Subject Headings Contributed by Yale

Acoustic bass guitar. 
Air (The French word) 
Aklanon language. 
Almería (Spain)--History--Bombardment, 1937.
Almost (The English word)
Alvarado Bar (Mexico) 
Alternative histories (Fiction), French. 
Appartamento Borgia (Vatican Palace, Vatican City) 
Armati (Indonesian people) 
Ash Wednesday music. 
Automaton chess players. 
Bagnell Dam (Mo.)
Bamboo carvers. 
Banjar Hulu dialect.
Baram Site (Israel) 
Bell Rock Lighthouse (Scotland) 
Bible plays, Italian. 
Cardiff Castle (Cardiff, Wales) 
Carmel, Mount (Conn. : Mountain) 
Carroll Trail (Mont.) 
Central Sama language. 
Children's poetry, Maranao.
Chorrillos, Battle of, Lima, Peru, 1881. 
Church Slavic type. 
Chuviscar River (Mexico)  
Coins, Egyptian 
Concrete poetry, Hungarian. 
Copper Queen Mine (Ariz.) 
Cortile del Belvedere (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)  
Couples in art. 
Cuyin Manzano Mountains (Argentina) 
Dance in education. 
Dominguez Grant (Tex.)  
Drum set music (Drum sets (2))  
Dwight Hall (New Haven, Conn.)  
East Rock Park (New Haven, Conn.)
El Mozote Massacre, El Mozote, El Salvador, 1981 
El Salvador--History--Revolution, 1932 
ENIAC (Computer) 
Epilepsy in literature.
Erotic literature, Croatian. 
Eurocentrism in literature.
Fannin Battleground State Historic Site (Tex.) 
Feather pictures. 
Filfla (Malta)  
Fontenoy, Battle of, Fontenoy-en-Puisaye, France, 841.
Franco Americans. 
Galoli language. 
Geometric analysis. 
Golden Gate (Calif. : Strait) 
Gottesaue (Karlsruhe, Germany) 
Grand tours (Education) 
Grosse Schillerpreis. 
Hieronymite monasteries.  
Heliphon music.
Holy Roman Empire--History--Joseph I, 1705-1711. 
Humanitarian intervention.  
John M. Davies House (New Haven, Conn.)  
Judaism and the social sciences. 
Kalabra language. 
Kayapa Kallahan language. 
Kefar Bar'am (Extinct city)
Kei Islands (Indonesia) 
Keley-i Kallahan language.  
Kokee State Park (Hawaii) 
Lesbian authors.  
Linosa Island (Italy) 
Male language (Ethiopia)  
Maranao literature. 
Maranao poetry. 
Marimba music (Blues) 
Matsumae Peninsula (Japan)  
Melville Koppies Nature Reserve (Johannesburg, South Africa)  
Mexico--History--Spanish Invasion, 1829. 
Micawber, Mr. (Fictitious character) 
Millennialism in art. 
Millennium in art. 
Miniature painting, German. 
Nawdm language. 
New Haven Harbor (Conn.) 
Old Dorchester State Park (Summerville, S.C.) 
Oshima Peninsula (Japan) 
Palais Auersperg (Vienna, Austria)  
Palisade Glacier (Calif.) 
Papal States--History--Paul V, 1605-1621.
Parco regionale dell'Alto Appennino reggiano (Italy) 
Parián (Mexico City, Mexico) 
Pastry War, 1838-1839. 
Pekal language.
Pigliare (The Italian word) 
Piningit, Satrio (Legendary character) 
Praemium Imperiale. 
Prendere (The Italian word) 
Progo River (Indonesia) 
Protest poetry, Italian. 
Pugu Forest Reserve (Tanzania)  
Rare book librarianship. 
Rhode Island State House (Providence, R.I.) 
Risco Plateado Mountain (Argentina) 
Ruedo Site (Almedinilla, Spain)  
Saluan (Indonesian people) 
Saturday Group (Group of artists) 
Schloss Homburg vor der Höhe (Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany) 
Soviet Union--Social conditions--1917-1945. 
Stadium of Domitian (Rome, Italy) 
Sterling Law Buildings (New Haven, Conn.)  
Strand, The (London, England) 
Sutro Tunnel (Nev.) 
Tagabawa Manobo language. 
Tampico (Tamaulipas, Mexico), Battle of, 1829. 
Tarapacá, Battle of, Chile, 1879. 
Tariff on cocoa. 
Tears in art.  
Temple of Serapis (Pozzuoli, Italy) 
Tilamuta dialect.
Timpani ensembles. 
Tirtayasa Site (Indonesia) 
Tolomé (Mexico), Battle of, 1832. 
Tontal Mountains (Argentina) 
Tupungato Mountain (Argentina and Chile) 
Ubuntu (Philosophy) 
Voluntarism (Church finance)  
Waimea Canyon State Park (Hawaii)
Waterphone music 
Waterphone (Musical instrument) 
Yale Art and Architecture Building (New Haven, Conn.)  
Yale University Hall of Graduate Studies (New Haven, Conn.)  
Yogad language. 
Zuni Plateau (N.M.)

Subject Headings Enhanced With Cross-References or Classification Numbers by Yale

Absentee landlordism.
Akademicheskii malyi dramaticheskii teatr (Saint Petersburg, Russia) 
Authority files (Information retrieval) 
Ayta Anchi Sambal dialect. 
Banjarese language. 
Bareë dialect. 
Batan (Philippine people)  
Batan language. 
Belarusian language. 
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (Va. and Md.) 
Color (Philosophy) 
Copito de Nieve (Gorilla) 
Durga-puja (Hindu festival)  
Geneva (Switzerland)--In art. 
Higaonon dialect. 
Ilianen Manobo language. 
Indians of North America.
Isneg language. 
Marco Polo Bridge Incident, 1937. 
Masbateno language. 
Mezcala Island (Mexico) 
Pamona language. 
Ponosakan language. 
Serials control systems. 
Seven Reductions, War of the, 1754-1756. 
Soeurs de la Charité de Québec. 
Soga family. 
Television comedies.
Tolitoli language. 
Veracruz (Veracruz, Mexico)--History--French Invasion, 1838-1839.

LC Classification Numbers (Not Associated with Subject Authority Records) Proposed by Yale

History of Germany --Ethnography --Individual elements in the population, A-Z --Colombians

Bible --General Texts and versions --Modern texts and versions --Non-European languages --African languages, A-Z --Kongo

New Testament --Works about the New Testament --Topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z --Africa

Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania --Languages of Oceania --Austronesian, Papuan, and Australian languages --Austronesian --Philippine languages --Special languages --Filipino

Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania --Languages of Oceania --Austronesian, Papuan, and Australian languages --Austronesian --Philippine languages --Special languages --Sambal --Dialects --Special, A-Z --Ayta Anchi Sambal

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