Glossary J-N


Japanese-Chinese-Korean-Persian-Hebrew-Yiddish. Non-roman scripts requiring special software for MARC record creation (until Voyager implements UNICODE)


Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR. Committee is made up of representatives from the national libraries of Australia, Canada, and the U.S. The JSC authorizes all updates to AACR2.

keyword searching

Process of locating information that is indexed by one or more significant descriptive words.


Library and Archives Canada; formerly NLC (National Library of Canada)


Library of Congress


LC control (formerly card) number. Entered in MARC 010 field. A key variable field and access point used in database searching and record matching.


Library of Congress Rule interpretations (of AACR2); the LCRIs are on the Cataloger's Desktop. Standard full and core level cataloging at Yale follows both AACR2 and the LCRIs.


Library of Congress Subject Headings. The authority list of subject headings established by LC and SACO participants. In book format, often referred to as "the red books." Searchable on the web through ClassWeb. The machine readable authority records for LCSH are also searchable in Voyager (integrated with the NARs, SARs, and LC bibliographic records) and in the RLIN authority database in the SAF file. The "Introduction to LCSH" is on Cataloger's Desktop.


Library Management Council. Responsible for general YUL policies and administration.


(Yale) Library Shelving Facility. The library's offsite storage facility in Hamden, Conn.


Commercial software used to create macros on Voyager.

main entry


major/minor changes

Changes between issues of a serial that may or may not require a new bibliographic record.

MARC (21)

Machine Readable Cataloging format. The MARC 21 format, maintained by LC, is the machine readable format used by U.S. libraries. There are a number of MARC 21 formats; Voyager cataloging utilizes the formats for bibliographic, authority, and holdings data. The format documentation is on the Cataloger's Desktop.

MARC record

Bibliographic, holdings, or authority records in machine readable form.


OCLC MARC Records Service; automated authorities processing service used by Yale.

member copy

At Yale, this refers to cataloging copy contributed to the bibliographic utilities by libraries other than LC or YUL and used in Orbis as a source for copy cataloging or preliminary records.


Encoded description of a bibliographic record intended to facilitate computer discrimination of large amounts of data. Term is most often used in the conjunction with the bibliographic control of remote electronic resources. For an example, see Dublin Core.


MARC format for holdings. Usually pronounced muffhead.


an item complete in one part or intended to be comlete in a finite number of separate parts

mpm; multipart(s)

Multipart monograph.(AACR2: multipart item; term in the process of revision) Monograph complete or intended to be complete in a finite number of parts. SML also used the term "book contins" until ca. 1990.


Name Authority Cooperative program within PCC. Members set the standards for and contribute name, name/title, and series authority records to the national authority file.


see LAC above.


National Library of Medicine