Glossary T-Z


Numeric or mnemonic code that uniquely defines each field in a MARC record


In Voyager, a pre-defined MARC record used to facilitate creation of new records. Default template is changed via Preferences--> Folders/Files --> Templates

title proper

The title on the bibliographic resource as recorded in MARC 245 (or in the series area for the title proper of a series) $a. Does not include the part of the title recorded in MARC 245 $b, e.g. the subtitle or the parallel title.


To add an access point to a bibliographic record


Giving only part of a word or phrase value in a search request, allowing the system to retrieve all values that include the supplied fragment.


Standard being adopted by LC, Voyager, and OCLC. Will allow data entry and display of non-roman scripts.

uniform title

The title used for citation purposes. Recorded in field 240, 130 or 830 if the uniform title differs from the title proper. Used primarily for translations, voluminous authors, pre1500 authors, and serials (including series).

updating loose-leaf

An integrating resource that consists of one or more base volumes updated by separate pages that are inserted, removed, and/or substituted. On bibliographic records, identified by the qualifier "(loose-leaf)" in field 300 ‡a. Popular format in legal collections.

variable field

A MARC field whose length may vary within predefined limits according to the amount of data to be stored or recorded.

Web Voyage

The Voyager web-based OPAC


The OCLC bibliographic database


Yale University Libraries

Z39.50 Protocol standard that allows the user to search other databases using the local online interface.