Connexion 2.0 Policies & Procedures for Exports

Connexion 2.0 Policies & Procedures for Exports

To: Technical Services Staff
From: Joan Swanekamp
Date: (8/2/07 issue date/ 08/02/2007 8:46 AM revision date)


With Connexion version 2.0, OCLC has begun to attach Institutional Records to the WorldCat Master Record. Institutional Records (IRs) represent the bibliographic record in the form in which it was contributed to RLIN or OCLC by the originating library. In some cases the IR will be indistinguishable bibliographically from the master record, in other cases it may be considerably different. All IRs have a 079 field where the WorldCat master record ID number is stored. The id number for the IR is unique to the record.

Note that only a few institutions of the many contributing to WorldCat have requested IR records, so a master record may have many holding libraries, but, as in this example, only one IR in addition to Yale's:

ir examples


To display an IR, retrieve the master record, then click either My Institution Records or All Institution Records.

If you use the feature a lot, keep in mind that it can be mapped to the Connexion toolbar.*

Although the WorldCat Search window Settings can be enabled to open the IR automatically instead of the master record if there is a single IR, we are not recommending it at this time as the default. Cataloging units may enable the Connexion settings "Display Institution Record(s) for single record/Include Institution Record indexes when searching WorldCat."

Show Menu

On Connexion, if a Yale IR is displayed, the background will be the same as it is for the master record, but there will be in addition a 079 field grayed-out. If another library's IR is displayed, the entire background will be grayed-out. The IR will have in addition in field 852 the location, call number, and holdings associated with the institution's record when it was originally contributed to RLIN or OCLC.

In Connexion, if you open a bibliographic record window and then open another bibliographic record window, the previously opened bib window closes automatically. To keep a window open, you need to "pin" it (View menu-->Pin or Shift +F4). However, if you open a Master Record and then open an IR, the Master Record remains open. If you have both the Master Record and an IR window open use <Ctrl + Tab> to toggle between them, or use the Window menu.

As with RLIN, if an indexed field is on an IR but not on the master record, the "cluster" will still be retrieved if the WorldCat Search Window's Settings has Include Institution Record Indexes when searching WorldCat checked.

*You can map any of the Show IR menu commands to the Connexion toolbar; clicking on the icon will allow you to skip the multiple steps needed to run the command from the nested menus:

    • From the Toolbar menu: Tools-->Toolbar Editor
    • Scroll down until you see the labels:
    • For each label, drag and drop to the toolbar


An IR can be exported to Voyager from WorldCat in the same way that a master record is exported to Voyager from WorldCat: display the record and press F5.

When a record is exported from WorldCat to Voyager, Voyager generates a 035 field derived from the ID number of the record. If an IR is exported to Voyager, the 035 is derived from the IR ID number and not the master record number, which is carried over in field 079. On the other hand, if a master record is exported to Voyager, Voyager will derive the 035 from the master record ID number and there will be no 079 field. At present, YUL policy is to retain a linking field to the master record always (whether in 035 or 079), and to retain the linking field to the Yale IR when it is generated by Voyager. Links to the master record or the YUL IR will not be entered manually in Orbis.

When a record is exported from Voyager to WorldCat (in batch mode), a Yale IR will be created in WorldCat when the records are loaded. If there is no master record, both a master record and a Yale IR will be created.

Current guidelines:

General: 035 and 852 should be on the Connexion Field Export options delete list* to remove 035s already in the WorldCat record. Listing 035 on the Export Options delete list will not affect the Voyager generated 035 created after the record has been exported from WorldCat. If you have not added the default delete list to the Field Export options, please do so. If you have already entered the default delete list to the Connexion Field Export options, verify that 852 is on your delete list; 852 was recently added to the default list.

*See: Connexion: Setting Export Options

1. Acquisitions staff:

  • export the master record
  • do not enable automatic display of library's IR in the WorldCat Search settings
  • retain the Voyager-generated 035 for the master record ID unless the Orbis record represents a variant edition

2. Latin-script copy catalogers:

  • in the WorldCat Search window Settings, enable both "Display Institution Record" for automatic display of library's IR in the WorldCat Search settings & "Include Institution Record Indexes"
  • export the master record unless the YUL IR displays; consult with supervisor if this happens
  • retain the Voyager-generated 035 for the master record ID unless the Orbis record represents a variant edition

3. Non-Latin script copy & non-Latin script original catalogers:*

  • when cataloging on Connexion and no master record exists, create both a master record and a Yale IR
  • when cataloging on Connexion and a master record exists, create a Yale IR
  • export the YUL IR; when importing the record into Orbis, always retain the Voyager-generated 035 derived from the YUL IR's id number
  • retain the 079 field

*Alternate workflow for East Asia copy cataloging is in development

4. Catalog Management:

  • export the YUL IR if available
  • retain the 079 field
  • otherwise, export the master record (or use option 5.)

5. Option for Latin-script cataloging: if the master is less than full/core, and a full/core IR record is available, download the IR record (use judgment; not necessary if the full record is belletristic)

  • retain the 079
  • delete the Voyager-generated 035 for the non-Yale IR id number.


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