Tools & Resources: Nonbook Cataloging

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Cartographic Resources
  1. Cartographic Cataloging at YUL
  2. Yale Map Collection Home Page
Electronic Resources
  1. Best practices for Cataloging Streaming Media Using RDA and MARC21 (OLAC)  
  2. Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC-MARC Coding Guidelines (rev. July 06)
  3. FREVR Final Report of the Monograph Aggregator Task Group: Functional Requirements for Electronic Vendor Records 
  4. Guide to Cataloging Playaway Devices (OLAC) 
  5. Guide to Cataloging SlotMusic (OLAC)  
  6. Guidelines for coding electronic resources in Leader/06. (LC Network Development and MARC Standards Office)
  7. Electronic Integrating Resources (Introduction to Cataloging Practices Using AACR2r) (OLAC) Microsoft [Rev. 10/07] 
  8. MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregator Vendors 
  9. Modes of Cataloging for Electronic Resources (LC) 
  10. Metadata and Cataloging Online Resources (Steven J. Miller webpage)
  11. Provider Neutral e-Monograph MARC Record Guide  
  12. Source of Title Note for Internet Resources. 3rd rev. 2005. (OLAC/CAPC)
  13. The Streaming Guide to Cataloging Remote Access Multimedia: A How-to Virtual Manual for Catalogers. [flash media playback; assumes direct cataloging on OCLC; covers streaming video & audio; e-books, web games, and podcasts) 
  1. MLA Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA & MARC21  (Version 1.1, 17 February 2015) 
  2. Music Cataloging at Yale
  3. Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21 v.1.1 (Feb. 2015) (Music Library Assoc.)
  4. Suppl. to Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21--v.1.3 (Oct. 2015) (Music Library Assoc.)
Continuing Resources
  2. CONSER Standard Record Documentation (LC)
  3. CONSER RDA Bridge Training Webinars
  4. CONSER RDA Cataloging Checklist 
  5. Major/Minor Changes for Serials and Series (RDA Update) (Yale)
  6. PCC Guidelines for 264 Field 
  7. CONSER Cataloging Manual CCM (RDA updates) 
  8. Integrating resources: a cataloging manual (PCC) 
  9. Enhancing and Editing RDA Integrating Resource Records 
  10. CONSER Electronic Serials/Provider-Neutral Records, CCM Module 31
  1. DVD demystified
  2. Glossary of film terms (Schlemowitz)
  3. Best Practices for Cataloging DVD-Video and Blu-ray Discs Using RDA and MARC21 
  4. Internet movie database
  5. Summary Notes for Catalog Records (OLAC)
  6. Stanford Universities Library Videos--Cataloging (RDA)
Sound Recordings
  1. Sound recording cataloging (Mickey Koth; updated 1998 by Margaret Kaus)
  2. Sound Recordings Cataloguing
  3. RDA for Music: Classical Music Audio Recordings (Damian Iseminger, Casey Mullin, October 2014)
  4. RDA for Music: Popular Music, Jazz, and World Music Audio Recordings (Tracey Snyder, Kevin Kishimoto, April 2014)
  5. Sound Recordings Cataloging Workshop (2008, Jay Weitz) 
Graphic Materials
  1. ARLIS Cataloging Section Home Page
  2. Categories for the Description of Works of Art [CDWA] (Getty)
  3. Descriptive Metadata Guidelines for RLG Cultural Materials
  4. Guide to Enhancing Access to Art and Material Culture Information (Getty)
  5. Introduction to Art Image Access: Issues, Tools, Standards, Strategies (Getty)
  6. Visual Resources Association Metadata Standards