Fall 2017 DH Workshops

September 14, 2017

Fall 2017 Workshops

Looking for new ways to collect, analyze, and present humanities data? Try one or more of these DH-related workshops this fall! Offerings include hands-on introductions to popular programming languages and tools for creating dynamic visualizations and web applications.

For tutorials from past workshops, visit the DHLab's GitHub repository. If there's something you'd like to see a workshop on in the future, send us an email at dhlab@yale.edu.

Introduction to Data Visualization with Tableau
September 15 - Tableau workshop page

This workshop will familiarize you with key issues in data visualization. In addition to covering the fundamental principles behind effective visualizations, we will also touch on common pitfalls that result in confusing or misleading graphics. During the workshop, participants will gain hands-on experience using Tableau — interactive, data visualization software — to produce dynamic, compelling visualizations for all kinds of data.

Identifying People and Locations in Text Corpora with Named Entity Recognition
September 26 - NER workshop page

This workshop will introduce Named Entity Recognition (NER), or the process of algorithmically identifying people, locations, corporations, and other classes of nouns in text corpora. We will help users install and run Stanford's flagship CoreNLP (Natural Language Processing) toolkit to identify entities in text files. Users are encouraged to bring a small collection of documents they want to analyze during this session. Sample texts will be available for use.

Web Scraping with Python
September 29 - Web Scraping workshop page

This workshop will cover the basics of getting started with a web scraping project using the programming language Python. Having some experience with Python prior to the workshop is recommended. 

Introduction to Story Maps
October 17 - Story Maps workshop page

Learn how to combine texts, images, and videos alongside maps using Esri's free Story Maps platform. In this workshop, participants will design a web-map, explore different Story Maps templates for showcasing research, and develop best practices to avoid copyright infringement. 

JavaScript for Humanists
October 25 - JavaScript workshop page

This workshop will introduce visitors to the very basics of the JavaScript programming language, the language that runs nearly all modern websites. We will cover data structures, conditionals, and loops, and will also have time to allow users to build small websites of their own design. This session is meant for those who have no prior experience programming, and is intended to prepare users for work with the D3.js data visualization framework.

Introduction to Network Analysis with Gephi
October 31 - Gephi workshop page

This workshop will provide a broad overview of network analysis. In addition to covering what networks are, how to read them, and why you might want to use them, we'll also demonstrate how to generate them using Gephi — open-source, multi-platform visualization software. During the workshop, participants will learn how to construct node and edge lists, import them into Gephi, and export them using a variety of plugins designed for sharing your network over the web. 

Intro to APIs: Using APIs for Data Mining
November 10 - APIs workshop page

This workshop will introduce the process of using an API to collect data from online sources. We will cover interpreting documentation, creating a query, and exporting data. This workshop requires no programming experience, but a familiarity with data formats like JSON and XML is helpful.

Introduction to D3.js
November 28 - D3.js workshop page

This workshop will introduce attendees to the D3.js data visualization framework. We will discuss the core building blocks of D3.js visualizations, including scales, SVG elements, selections, and data updates. Those interested in attending this workshop are encouraged to first attend the "JavaScript for Humanists" session on 10/25.

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