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November 28, 2017

Introduction to D3.js Workshop

November 28 at 2:00pm in Bass Library, L06

This workshop will introduce attendees to the D3.js data visualization framework. We will discuss the core building blocks of D3.js visualizations, including scales, SVG elements, selections, and data updates. D3 is a complex framework to learn. The goals for this workshop are to expose participants to the underlying vocabulary and functionality. 

Participants who are unfamiliar with JavaScript are strongly encouraged to follow the tutorial from our Intro to JavaScript workshop prior to the D3 session.

Registration is open to all Yale students, faculty, and staff, but space is limited. To register, please visit the YUL Instruction Calendar.

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November 9, 2017


November 15 at Kroon Hall from 8:30am-4:30pm

Explore mapping innovations with the Connecticut and Yale GIS communities. This day-long celebration–part of international GIS Day, which showcases applications of geographic information systems (GIS) technology worldwide–includes panel discussions, presentations, workshops, networking opportunities, and a GIS Day Cake Reception.

The event is open to the entire community. For the full schedule, please visit the official page. To register, please visit the Eventbrite page.

Present at CT GIS Day at Yale

Poster and Story Map Contests
There will be a digital poster session on display throughout the day as well as a digital Story Map contest. Submit your map and you may win an Amazon gift card! Deadline to submit: 11:59pm, November 12.
Submit to the CT GIS Day Poster Contest
Submit to the CT GIS Day Story Map Contest
Google Earth Engine Lightning Talks
Submit a proposal for a 3-minute Lightning Talk on an Earth Engine Project. The talks will be presented during a breakout session at CT GIS Day. You may choose to introduce a spatial analysis project that uses Earth Engine or delve more deeply into a geospatial aspect of the work. Deadline to submit: 11:59pm, November 12.
Submit a Lightning Talk proposal

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November 7, 2017

Workshop on Tropy with Abigail Mullen

November 7 at 2:00pm in Bass Library, L06

Tropy is desktop software designed to help researchers organize and describe their research photographs. When researchers return from trips to the archives, they often bring back hundreds or thousands of photos, but have no system for keeping these photos manageable. Tropy allows you to attach information to your photos, transcribe or take notes on them, and categorize them using lists and tags. This workshop will walk through the software, giving a demonstration of what Tropy can do and the ways it can be integrated into your research workflow.

Some of the new features in Tropy 1.0 include:

  • The template editor, where you can create templates to match your archives’ needs
  • The photo editor, where you can rotate and zoom photos for easier reading
  • The selection tool, which allows you to make permanent selections in a photo that can accommodate their own notes and basic metadata
  • Export to JSON-LD

Windows machines will be available for use. Participants are also welcome to bring their own computers.

The workshop is open to all Yale students, faculty, and staff, but space is limited. To register, please visit the YUL Instruction Calendar. No previous experience with Tropy is required.

Abigail Mullen is a project manager in the Research division at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, where she works primarily with Tropy. She received her PhD in world history from Northeastern University.

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