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Departments and Staff


Stephen D. Crocco, Director, Divinity Library
Room L103
(203) 432-5292 | stephen.crocco@yale.edu

Suzanne Estelle-Holmer, Associate Director for Collections, Research and Access
Room L203
(203) 432-6374 | suzanne.estelle-holmer@Yale.edu

Susan P. Brady, Administrative Assistant
Room L103A
(203) 432-5291 | susan.p.brady@yale.edu

Access Services

Circulation Desk
Room L101
(203) 432-5274

Susan Burdick, Circulation & Interlibrary Loan Manager
Room L101A
(203) 432-5288 | susan.burdick@yale.edu

Soli Johnson, Library Services Assistant
Room L101A
(203) 432-5288 | soli.johnson@yale.edu

Special Collections

Christopher J. Anderson, Special Collections Librarian & Curator of the Day Missions Collection
Room L107
(203) 432-5289 | christopher.j.anderson@yale.edu

Joan Duffy, Senior Archives Assistant
Room L11
(203) 432-5301 | joan.duffy@yale.edu

Sara Azam, Library Services Assistant
Room L11
(203) 432-7328 | sara.azam@yale.edu

Martha Smalley, Special Collections consultant

Technical Services

Christine Richardson, Serials & Preservation Librarian
Room L102
(203) 432-5295 | christine.richardson@yale.edu

Nancy DeCato, Acquisitions & Cataloging Assistant
Room L10
(203) 432-5295 | nancy.decato@yale.edu

Graziano Krätli, Digital Projects and Technology Librarian
Room L102
(203) 436-8202 | graziano.kratli@yale.edu

Ministry Resource Center

Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt, Ministry Resource Center Director
Room L115

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