In the fall of 2013 the Yale Library launched Articles+. Powered by Summon, Articles+ provides a tool that lets patrons search concurrently across thousands of journals and newspapers. Articles+ also powers the search of database titles. The project is a new effort to provide an easy, single search of most electronic resources licensed by the Yale University Library. The content includes full-text and abstracts of journal articles, newspapers, and some online reference materials. Users may search Articles+ by keywords or subjects and very quickly be presented with a range of results that can be further refined through filters such as dates, subjects or language.

Articles+ debuted on YUL in August 2013. Significant work continues to improve the Articles+ service and enhance content included. Other work focuses on including Articles+ search results in the library's unified search interface.

Library IT staff working on the project

Enterprise Systems & Programming Services and User Experience

Partners / collaborating departments

Electronic Resources Group, Metadata Services, Catalog Management, and public services staff from across the library system.


Summon User Group



  • Fall 2013 Articles+ launched

In Progress

  • March 2014 Create persistent URL's for databases
  • Spring 2014 Public Service staff explore options in Summon 2.0
  • Spring 2014 Fix diacritics and add descriptions in Databases A to Z List


  • May 2014 Metalib¬†is retired
  • July 1 2014 Summon 2.0 live, linked from library home page
  • Fall 2014 Add Articles+ to unified search interface (soft launch, not the default entry)
  • Fall 2015 Make unified discovery the default entry to Articles+¬†