The Yale Library launched its Articles+ discovery system in August of 2013. Powered by ProQuest's Summon service, Articles+ lets patrons search concurrently across thousands of journals and newspapers. This service provides an easy, single search of most electronic resources licensed by the Yale University Library. The content includes full-text and abstracts of journal articles, newspapers, and some online reference materials.  Users may search Articles+ by keywords or subjects and very quickly be presented with a range of results that can be further refined through filters (facets) such as dates, subjects or language.

Library IT, in collaboration with the Summon2.0 Implementation Team and with heavy library staff participation, upgraded the Articles+ service in May 2014. New features include responsive design, discipline facets, topic explorer, suggested librarians and recommended research guides. In the two weeks prior to upgrading, Library IT led several teams of library staff in conducting usability testing with Yale undergraduate and graduate students. See a summary report of that testing here.

Now approaching its third year at Yale, Articles+ continues to undergo improvements. As the first hosted library resource discovery service at Yale, Articles+ raised many questions about adoption, support and teaching of such services, particularly when contrasted with the public beta version of the Blacklight-powered Quicksearch unified discovery service. In August 2014, representatives from Library IT, the E-resource team, RIO and AskYale held "Rediscover Discovery" informational sessions that highlighted ways to teach and share Articles+ at Yale. Library IT also included preview of the limited beta version of Quicksearch in these sessions.

In addition to Articles+ sparking ongoing discussions and informational sessions held locally, an Ivies+ Discovery users group formed in the Fall of 2014, culminating in the first Ivies+ Discovery Day at Yale's West Campus. Representatives from Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Emory, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, University of Connecticut, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale convened to share ideas and identify areas of commonality and collaboration in support of discovery services at each other's institutions.

Future plans for Articles+ for the summer of 2015 and Fall 2015 semesters:

- enhancement of the Articles+ API-powered search in Quicksearch

- further testing of relevancy ranking improvements as they are rolled out by the vendor

Library IT staff working on the project

Jenn Nolte

Partners / collaborating departments

Electronic Resources Group, Metadata Services, Catalog Management, and public services staff from across the library system.


E-resource Access Systems Group



  • Fall 2013 Articles+ launched
  • Spring 2014 Public Service staff explore options in Summon 2.0
  • May 2014 Usability testing of Summon2.0 service
  • May 2014 Summon 2.0 (now Articles+) live, linked from library home page
  • August 2014 Rediscover Discovery Forum
  • August 2014 Disciplines updated to mirror subjects in Libguides where possible
  • Fall 2014 Add Articles+ to unified search interface (soft launch)
  • April 2015 Ivies+ Discovery Day
  • July and August 2015 Rediscover Discovery forum

In Progress

  • Summer 2015 Review fultext linking and menu
  • Fall 2015 Make unified discovery the default entry to Articles+