Fedora Futures

During the past two years the Fedora Commons software went through an intense cycle of programming and ultimately released a community developed, fully functional application named Fedora 4 on Nov 27, 2014. The library assigned two programmers to the project managed by DuraSpace to aid in speeding the development process as we have significant interest in advancing this application which is the cornerstone of our Hydra implementation. Now that the product has stabilized we do not participate at the same levels in development and have shifted our focus to migration strategies to upgrade our Fedora 3 instances to Fedora 4. 

We continue to work with the Fedora community with testing, software enhancements and outreach. Through committee involvement we are also providing support for advising the development direction of the product and writing/editing use cases. 

Library IT staff working on the project

Primary contact: Michael Friscia

Collaboration staff: Eric James, Osman Din

Partners / collaborating departments



Version 4 released Nov 27, 2014

For current releases visit the official Fedora Wiki hosted by DuraSpace