Hathi Trust-Record Extracts from Voyager

As a partner in Hathi Trust, YUL needs to send an extract of all serials, single and multi-part monographs at least once a year. This is not a MARC extract, rather a series of text files containing bibliographic IDs, OCLC Master record numbers and an indication of the status of the item as a current holding, withdrawn, lost or missing. By supplying this data to Hathi, they can compare our holdings and grant us access to any digital copies of texts  shown in our holdings extract as withdrawn, lost or missing. This is only a portion of the work required for YUL’s partnership with Hathi Trust. Any digital copies of texts YUL has may also be submitted to Hathi to aggregate their online repository. This work is managed by another department.

Library IT staff working on the project

Yue Ji, Lead Programmer

Jenn Nolte, Project Manager

Melissa Wisner, Project Oversight

Partners / collaborating departments

Cataloging and Metadata Services


At least once a year in October an extract must be delivered to Hathi from YUL.

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