E-resource Access Systems

In February of 2014, LEC approved the purchase of a suite of interopable products from Serials Solutions/ProQuest: Summon, 360Core, 360Link, 360MARC, 360Resource Manager, and 360Counter. Bringing electronic resource management into the hosted 360Suite of products, though a considerable amount of work in the short term, will in the long term allow for more LIT and Tech Services staff time to be dedicated to improving service quality of electronic resource management, instead of maintaining servers and doing dual entry into two knowledge bases. The interoperability of the 360Suite of products will also provide better, less fragmented service to library patrons.

The 360Suite Implementation team, formed from members of the Summon User Group, set a target migration date of June 23rd 2014 for the first half of that suite of products. When the migration is complete, Library IT will decommission the existing products and services supporting electronic resources at Yale University Library (SFX, Metalib). As of June 23rd 2014, the Library now uses the 360Link product as its OpenURL link resolver, the 360Core product as its electronic resource knowledge base, and 360MARC as its ejournal title MARC record provider. The 360Counter and 360Resource Manager, now available in a test environment, will begin implementation phase in the Fall of 2014.

Future plans for the 360Suite of products for the summer of 2014 and into the fall semester include: further enhancement of the service’s interface in adherence to library usability and visual guidelines, re-branding efforts using new images and domain aliases, and heavier marketing of the service (along with Articles+) to library staff, students and faculty through the “Rediscover Discovery” forum to be held August 2014.

Library IT staff working on the project

Jenn Nolte

Partners / collaborating departments

Electronic Resources Group, Catalog Management Team


E-resource Access Systems Group


  • March 2014 Release of public informational document describing changes in e-resource management over the spring semester, including Summon 2.0 rollout and migration to 360Link/360MARC
  • May 2014 Testing and implementation of 360Link OpenURL link reoslver service
  • June 2014 Load 360 MARC base file, remove SFX MARCit! records from Orbis
  • August 2014 Image and URL re-branding take effect
  • August 2014 Rediscover Discovery Forum
  • Fall 2014 Implementation phase of 360 Resource Manager
  • Fall 2014 Implementation phase of 360 Counter