Storage Design and Infrastructure

Library IT is researching storage options for a next generation digital repository that meets criteria established by the Library that focuses on scalability, durability and sustainability.  Work is underway to evaluate storage options that could be hosted locally, hosted by Yale ITS, and/or by third party storage providers like Amazon Web Services.

Types of digital content may include:

  • Digitized images
  • Digitized video
  • Digitized audio
  • Born digital material
  • Research data
  • Vendor supplied data
  • Metadata

Access to this data will span the spectrum from frequently accessed and publicly available to rarely accessed and strictly controlled.  Given the explosive rate in which these assets are created or collected and the recognition that indefinite retention is required, the library is investigating solutions that can scale up to multi-petabyte capacity across a disparate set of infrastructures and geography.

Library IT staff working on the project

Primary contact: Ray Frohlich

Collaborating staff: Gail Barnett, Steve Disorbo, Eric James, Bob Rice

Partners / collaborating departments

YUL Digital Repository Architecture Committee


In conjunction with the Digital Repository Architecture Committee, a short and long-term storage strategy will be generated to assist Library IT with future fiscal planning.  Recommendations for fiscal year 2015 will be made available in February 2014.