Web Site Redesign

The Library’s web site’s new look went live in January 2013 and continues to evolve. Major content continues to be moved from the old web server to the library’s new YaleSite (run by Yale ITS and OPAC).  Digital Collections and digital search pages will be redesigned in 2014 and will provide tools and templates, so that library staff can easily create web pages that embed digital images from Hydra Blacklight.

The Library embraced accessibility rules defined by W3C in 2005. In 2014 the Library will reexamine the guidelines, and in particular will look at W3C 2.0 accessibility guidelines and how we should implement them. We will look at external sites, which the Library licenses access as well. 

We welcome feedback about the Library's web accessibility.

Library IT staff working on the project

Primary contacts: Kathleen Bauer, Andrew Predmore, Kalee Sprague, Meng Tang


Web Strategy


  • January 2014 Digital Collection Highlight pages
  • February 2014 Divinity home page redesign
  • February 2014 MSSA redesign
  • March 2014 Libguides Spring Cleaning sessions 
  • Spring 2014 and will be live by May 15, 2014 Digital Collections Pages revisions
  • Spring to Summer 2014 Libguides integration with ClassesV2
  • Summer 2014 Revised taxonomy for subjects, subject specialists and databases 
  • Summer 2014 Personal Librarians look up and web page 
  • Summer 2014 Home page refresh (review of links)
  • Spring 2014 to Fall 2014 Maps Pages redesign
  • Summer 2014 to Summer 2015 Accessibility review, recommendations to the library for improvements starting in Fall 2014 and finishing by June 2015. 
  • Fall 2014 Addition of unified search link to the home page
  • Summer 2015 Retire old library web server 
  • Summer 2015 Libguides upgrade to version 2.0 
  • Fall 2015 Unified search box live on home page