Formats and Prices

The following table contains fees for basic reproduction services offered by Manuscripts and Archives. Requests for services not covered below should be directed in writing to

We may require a deposit before processing larger orders
PDF Scanning
The most basic form of reproduction offered.
PDF Scan full color scan. $0.40 per page
PDF Scan As above. $25.00* per folder
PDF Scan Previously scanned folder (pre-existing PDF scanned as above). $5.00 per file
High Resolution Digital Capture
Suitable for publication or fine printing.
High Resolution TIFF, Generation Full color, lossless capture. Minimum 400 PPI. $15.00 per capture
MADID: High Resolution TIFF, Previously Captured Previously existing high resolution scan, as above. Minimum resolution is 400 PPI. $5.00† per file
Special Service Capture For high-res capture at resolutions at 1200 PPI, oversize captures, external vendor services, etc. Beginning at $25.00 per capture
Audiovisual Reproductions
AV Materials are digitized by external vendors under the auspices of YUL Preservation and technology/public services staff at MSSA.
Analog to Digital Duplication Digitization, QC of content, ingest into digital repository, production of repository access copy and personal copy for the researcher. Price varies, typically between $50.00-$150.00 per item
Previously Digitized AV For content already digitized according to preservation protocol. $15.00 per file, delivery mechanism TBD by repository
Microfilm Duplication
All microfilm generation and duplication is completed by an external vendor.
Microfilm Duplication Positive or negative film to film duplication (i.e. not digitization), whether from previously existing or newly created microfilm collection. $30.00 per reel
MSSA will ship only CDs, DVDs, hard drives, and microfilm; we do not produce nor ship prints of scans. 
Electronic Delivery Transmission of PDFs and TIFF files. No Charge, service TBD by repository
Shipping Shipping to physical street addresses (not PO boxes). $8.00 per CD/DVD or reel of microfilm, service TBD by repository
* Price is subject to change depending on staff assessment of folder contents.
† The first 10 files ordered by individuals with an active Yale NetID are gratis.