Formats and Prices

The following table contains fees for basic reproduction services offered by Manuscripts and Archives. Requests for the digitization of AV materials or for other services not covered below should be directed in writing to

Service Standard Price Yale Affiliates' Price
PDF $0.35/page
600 dpi TIFF scan $25.00/image $22.00/image
1200 dpi TIFF scan $35.00/image $32.00/image
Oversize capture (original larger than 12"x17"), 60 MB file $40.00/image $35.00/image
Oversize capture, high resolution (original larger than 12"x17"), 300 MB file $55.00/image $50.00/image
Copy of existing 600 dpi TIFF scans (images in MADID) $15.00/image $12.00/image
Microfilm duplication $57.00/reel $50.00/roll
EFT (Electronic Transfer Fee): You will receive a link to download your files from a Yale server. $8.00 $8.00
UPS Shipping of CD/DVD, Domestic/International to be determined to be determined