Variations Online Music Library

Online Audio and Scores Reserves Library ::: Information for Instructors

Variations Online Music Library provides streamed audio and music scores access to materials owned by the Yale University Libraries.

Instructors will need to complete the following steps:

  • 1. Consult with the Music Library's Public Services Librarian (Remi Castonguay) about deadlines and feasibility of processing requests for your course. Also consult the copyright policy (PDF) for materials that may or may not be included in Variations.
  • 2. Use this online form to request 3 items or less at a time. For request exceeding 3 items fill-out and return this Request List to the Public Services Librarian (Be sure to include composers, or artist, if more appropriate, composition titles, CD call numbers, and track numbers on that list).
  • 3. You will be notified when course materials have been uploaded to Variations. Check all links to ensure that:
    (a) files play back
    (b) the correct audio selections play back, and
    (c) the correct descriptive information scrolls by during playback. Notify the Public Services Librarian of any problems.

Note: The library will also place the physical CD(s) on reserves. Audio clips are available only to students enrolled in the participating course, and reproducing or distributing clips is prohibited.