OHAM: Yale Student Composers

The Yale Student Composers project (OHVII) documents Yale’s celebrated graduate student composers.  These promising young artists were interviewed at the outset of their studies at Yale, and they spoke about their work, musical education and inspiration, and other subjects. Almost all of the testimony was filmed by a professional videographer.


Andy Akiho
Krists Auznieks
Katherine Balch
Nicholas DiBerardino
Nattalie Dietterich
Stephen Feigenbaum
William Gardiner
Michael Gilbertson
Ian Gottlieb
Reena Esmail
Brian Heim
Michael Holloway
Balint Karosi
Paul Kerekes
Adrian Knight
Jordan Kuspa
Hannah Lash
Michael Laurello
Jesse Limbacher
Loren Loicono
Dylan Mattingly
Polina Nazaykinskaya
Garth Neustadter
Brendon Randall-Myers
Christopher Rogerson
James Rubino
Daniel Schlosberg
Omar Surillo
Justin Tierney
Liliya Ugay
Ben Wallace
Feinan Wang
Matthew Welch
Daniel Wohl
Tiange Zhou