Subject Specialists

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Subjectsort descending Specialist Email
African American Studies David Gary
African Studies Charles Riley
American Studies David Gary
Anthropology Gwyneth Crowley
Applied Mathematics Andy Shimp
Applied Physics Andy Shimp
Arabic and Islamic Studies Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Arabic Language and Literature Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Archaeological Studies Gwyneth Crowley
Architecture Lindsay King
Art Lindsay King
Arts of the Book Collection Molly Dotson
Astronomy Kayleigh Bohemier
Astronomy and Physics Kayleigh Bohemier
Astrophysics Kayleigh Bohemier
Biological and Biomedical Sciences Lori Bronars
Biological and Biomedical Sciences Medical Library
Biology Lori Bronars
Biomedical Engineering Andy Shimp
Business Erin Wachowicz
Chemical Engineering Andy Shimp
Chemistry Andy Shimp
Chinese Michael Meng 孟振華
Chinese Studies Michael Meng 孟振華
Chinese Studies Tang Li 李唐
Classical Civilization Colin McCaffrey
Classics Colin McCaffrey
Cognitive Science Gwyneth Crowley
Comparative Literature Todd Gilman
Computer Science Andy Shimp
Computer Science and Mathematics Andy Shimp
Computer Science and Psychology Andy Shimp
Computing and the Arts Andy Shimp
Data Michelle Hudson
Divinity Suzanne Estelle-Holmer
Drama Lindsay King
East Asian Languages and Literatures Tang Li 李唐
East Asian Studies Tang Li 李唐
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Lori Bronars
Economics Gwyneth Crowley
Economics and Mathematics Gwyneth Crowley
Electrical Engineering Andy Shimp
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Andy Shimp
Engineering and Applied Science Andy Shimp
English Todd Gilman
English Language and Literature Todd Gilman
Environmental Engineering Andy Shimp
Environmental Studies Carla Heister
Ethics, Politics, and Economics Melanie Maksin
Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Melanie Maksin
European and Russian Studies Ellen Hammond 韓愛倫
Film and Media Studies Todd Gilman
Film Studies Todd Gilman
Forestry and Environmental Studies Carla Heister
French Michael Printy
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Miriam Olivares
Geology and Geophysics Kayleigh Bohemier
Geology and Natural Resources Kayleigh Bohemier
German Michael Printy
German Studies Michael Printy
Global Affairs Melanie Maksin
Government and IGO Information Melanie Maksin
Greek, Ancient Colin McCaffrey
History of Art Lindsay King
History of Science and Medicine Melissa Grafe
History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health Melissa Grafe
History, British Commonwealth Todd Gilman
History, Europe Michael Printy
History, United States David Gary
Humanities Michael Printy
International and Development Economics Melanie Maksin
International and Development Economics Gwyneth Crowley
Italian Michael Printy
Italian Language and Literature Michael Printy
Japanese Haruko Nakamura 中村治子
Japanese Studies Haruko Nakamura 中村治子
Judaic Studies Nanette Stahl
Korean Studies Tang Li 李唐
Latin American and Iberian Studies Jana Krentz
Law John Nann
Linguistics Todd Gilman
Literature Todd Gilman
Management Erin Wachowicz
Mathematics Andy Shimp
Mathematics and Philosophy Andy Shimp
Mathematics and Physics Andy Shimp
Mechanical Engineering Andy Shimp
Medicine Medical Library
Medieval Studies Michael Printy
Middle East Studies Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Modern Middle East Studies Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Lori Bronars
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Lori Bronars
Music Suzanne Lovejoy
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Nursing Janene Batten
Persian Language and Literature Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Philosophy Colin McCaffrey
Physics Kayleigh Bohemier
Physics and Astronomy Kayleigh Bohemier
Physics and Geosciences Kayleigh Bohemier
Physics and Philosophy Kayleigh Bohemier
Political Science Melanie Maksin
Political Science and Policy Studies Melanie Maksin
Portuguese Jana Krentz
Psychology Gwyneth Crowley
Religious Studies Suzanne Estelle-Holmer
Renaissance Studies Todd Gilman
Russian Ellen Hammond 韓愛倫
Russian and East European Studies Ellen Hammond 韓愛倫
Science, General Lori Bronars
Slavic Languages and Literatures Ellen Hammond 韓愛倫
Sociology Gwyneth Crowley
South Asian Studies Sarah Calhoun
Southeast Asian Studies Richard (ຣີຊາດ ຣີຊີ) Richie
Spanish Jana Krentz
Spanish and Portuguese Jana Krentz
Special Divisional Major Emily Horning
Statistics Gwyneth Crowley
Theater Studies Lindsay King
Turkish Language and Literature Roberta (Robin) L. Dougherty
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Gwyneth Crowley
Yale History MSSA