Scholars collaborating across three continents are deciphering a rare eighteenth-century Japanese manuscript at Yale University Library to reveal a tragic—and likely true—love story between two male samurai warriors. The ongoing project, now in its fourth year, has been documented in “Blood, Tears and Samurai Love,” a video created by Haruko Nakamura, Yale’s librarian of Japanese Studies and Dylan Siegel (MA ’21) a graduate student in East Asian Studies. Read more

A pile of CD-Rom facing up

Yale University Library has launched a new online tool which enables users to access outdated CD-ROMs on current computer systems. Using the Yale Library Emulation Viewer, library users no longer need to check out a physical item and track down the required—and now obsolete—hardware to view it. Instead, they can click and view the contents of the disc from a link in the item’s catalog record. Read more

Three new exhibitions curated by Yale students in English, environmental science, and architecture show the range and diversity of student research using primary sources and other resources from Yale University Library.

Each year, library conservation and exhibition staff provide instruction and assistance to assist selected students to transform research papers and projects into the unique narrative form of an exhibition, to be displayed in the Exhibition Corridor of Sterling Memorial Library. This year, due to pandemic restrictions on access to library buildings, the exhibitions have been produced online. Read more.