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NACO at Yale: Chronology

The NACO program was established in 1977 as an agreement between the Library of Congress (LC) and the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) to use and maintain a common authority file. The program has grown considerably since then under the auspices of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) and today includes contributors from many different institutions. The table below charts the history of Yale's participation in the NACO program.


October: Monty Montee, head of the newly established Name Authority Unit, spends two weeks training at LC in preparation for Yale's participation in NACO.


February: The Slavic and East European Unit, under Martha Rudyk's direction, begins to contribute name authority records to NACO. Paper worksheets are filled out and mailed to LC. LC staff key the records into their database and distribute them to the bibliographic utilities via MARC tapes.

September: Five additional catalogers are trained in authority work.

The Library contributes 389 NARs to NACO that year.
1985 By the 1984/1985 fiscal year, the Library's NACO contributions have increased to 678 NARs.
1986 Maria Clark becomes Yale's new NACO liaison with LC. Members of the Slavic and East European Unit continue to be our principal contributors to NACO. In-house authority training continues.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, serials catalogers Mary Ann Itoga, Rosemary Plotnick, and Fanny Hsieh of the former Serials Division, headed by Libby Hofsas, begin contributing SARs to the LC database via NACO. In the 1987/1988 fiscal year, 412 SARs and 25 SAR updates are contributed.

The Library participates in the Linked Systems Project/Authorities Implementation (LSP/AI). The installation of a computer station in the Catalog Department allows direct input into the RLIN name authority file. The turnaround time for the appearance of new and corrected authority records is reduced from months to days or even hours.
1991 February: Mickey Koth starts establishing name/title and uniform title headings for the NACO Music Project. Within a year, Mickey achieves NACO independence. Shortly thereafter, she becomes a reviewer for other RLIN NACO Music Project members.

March: The Authority Control Planning Committee issues a report addressing the need for expanded participation in the NACO program as a prerequisite to beginning OCLC automated authority control processing. Includes the recommendation that NACO training from the Library of Congress be provided for all cataloging staff responsible for creating authority records.

June-August: NACO trainers come to Yale to teach a five-day class on creating name and uniform title authority records. Thirty six catalog librarians attend the class. Ana Cristán, LC, is the June trainer; Anthony Franks, LC, is the July trainer; and Rhoda Kesselman, Princeton, is the August trainer. After the training, all Yale catalogers begin creating NACO records in the RLIN authority file rather than creating local authority records in Orbis. Deborah Leslie, Mickey Koth, and Manon Théroux begin serving as the Library's first NACO reviewers.

November: LC grants Yale institutional independence for NACO contributions.

Cecile Mandour is appointed NACO Coordinator.

The NACO Coordinating Committee is formed. All NACO training and record review is performed by members of the committee.
In the 1996/1997 fiscal year, 2641 names and uniform titles and 20 SACO records are contributed.

November: Judy Kuhagen of LC comes to Yale to train 20 catalog librarians to create NACO series authority records. After the training, Yale catalogers begin creating NACO SARs in the RLIN authority file rather than creating local SARs in Orbis.

December: The NACO Series Review Group is formed to review all SARs created by newly trained catalogers and to learn from each other. The group meets weekly.

March: LC grants Yale independence for series authority records.

In the 1999/2000 fiscal year, 2175 names, 334 series, and 743 uniform titles are contributed.
2001 May: The NACO Series Review Group stops meeting regularly. Catalogers begin submitting NACO series authority records directly to their NACO reviewers.
2002 September: Manon Théroux is appointed Authority Control Librarian. She assumes the role of NACO Coordinator and begins chairing both the NACO Coordinating Committee and the NACO Series Review Group.

May: Judy Kuhagen returns to Yale to train 12 more catalogers to create SARs. The members of NACO Series Review Group also attend the sessions to refresh their skills.

July: The NACO Coordinating Committee and the NACO Series Review Group agree to merge. The merged group retains the NACO Coordinating Committee name. Manon assumes responsibility for all NACO training; the other members of the group continue to serve as NACO reviewers.

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