1b. New MARC Authority Fields: 377, 380, 381

Source: STF Series Training Slides

377 Associated Language (R)

  • See RDA 6.11
  • 2nd indicator 7 specifies that an alternate source of code is indicated in ‡2
  • Subfields

    ‡a Language code (R) – identifies the language used for publication or in which a work is expressed

    ‡l  Language term (R)

    ‡2 Source of code (NR) -  If using the MARC Code List, ‡2 is left blank

"Note that we will use a 7 in the second indicator to indicate that the source of the language code is in the ‡2.  But, if you are using a code from the MARC Code List for Languages which is the default source, the second indicator and ‡2 should be left blank."


 "Here the entire Russian series is translated and published, volume by volume, so the authorized access point and the authority record as a whole represents an expression."

130   0 ‡a Trudy Matematicheskogo instituta imeni V.A. Steklova. ǂl English
377     ‡a eng ‡l English
430   0 ‡a Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics

380 Form of Work

"The 380 field is used to record the Attribute: Form of Work.  Series is the term that shows up in RDA examples.  But perhaps other Form of Work attributes could be used as well. Other forms might be Subseries, and terms from the coded 008/12, Multipart item and Series-like phrase.  We will have to wait for the PCC to develop a best practice for this area. 

By the way, series-like phrase records are not defined in AACR2 or RDA.  However, PCC policy is unchanged (LC-PCC PS 2.12), and PCC catalogers should continue to create series authority records for series-like phrases."

  • See RDA 6.3
  • No indicators
  • Subfields:  

    ‡a Form of work (R) – a term expressing the class or genre of the work


380 _ _ Series

380 _ _ Subseries?

380 _ _ Multipart item?

380 _ _ Series-like phrase?

381 Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression

  • See RDA 6.6
  • No indicators
  • Subfields:  

    ‡a Other distinguishing characteristic (R) – Any characteristic that is not accommodated in a special field that serves to characterize a work or expression.  Examples are an issuing body, arranged statement of music, version, or a geographic term.  May be used to differentiate a work from another work with the same title.

Justifying 381



   ‡u  Uniform Resource Identifier (R)

   ‡v  Source of information (R)

  ‡2  Source of term (NR) – Code from the Subject Heading and Term Source Codes


•Multiple characteristics from the same source vocabulary may be recorded in the same field

      in separate occurrences of ‡a

Examples 1. Local Policy: for now, do not make authority records (including SARs) for conventional collective titles until PCC states definitively that CCTs need to be differentiated with a qualifier; use "Selections" and "Works" without differentiating qualifiers for the time being.

100 1   Shakespeare, William, ‡d 1564-1616. ‡t Plays. ‡k Selections (Stratford-upon- Avon, England)
381     Selections
381     Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Stratford-upon-Avon, England) ‡2 naf
400 1   Shakespeare, William, ‡d 1564-1616. ‡t Shakespeare Memorial Theatre series

Example 2

130   0 Formules (Unnumbered)
381     Unnumbered