Accompanying Material


    • NEW PROCEDURE: Nov. 2004. If a book is designated for SML, an SML sublocation, or Bass, and the book has accompanying media (e.g. floppy disk, CD-ROM, audio cassette, audio disc), catalog the book for the designated location. The media item should be recorded as accompanying material on the bibliographic record. A separate MFHD is not made for the accompanying item; a separate item record is made for the accompanying item and associated with the MFHD for the primary item. The accompanying media item should travel in a separate case with a separate barcode. Send book and accompanying material to Preparations. For details,

    • If a book is designated for a departmental library and has accompanying material, catalog it for the designated location but DO NOT SEND TO PREPARATIONS. After cataloging, discharge the item(s) if an item record has been created and return the item to the collection via campus mail (Shipping Room). Most departmental libraries do not include the accompanying material when the book is sent directly to the team; the library's staff should indicate that the accompanying material was not sent and the catalog record must indicate that the library owns the accompanying material. Books selected from blanket orders received at SML may include accompanying material.
    • SML books with accompanying microfiche are cataloged for the Microform collection. See note below under Microform.


      • If the accompanying printed material will be barcoded and labelled separately, assign the same call number but add a descriptor term to it, and mark the item with the call number. Use the descriptor assigned in 300 ‡e, e.g. atlas, user guide, etc. Shorten if necessary (e.g. Guide instead of User Guide) In some cases the descriptor will be in a note rather than 300 ‡e. Enter the same descriptor term in CHRON. Note: descriptor term should appear on the label after the date but before "(LC)" if "(LC)" is used. To ensure that the descriptor term precedes (LC) on the label, use the green flag to alert Preparations staff.
      • Note that when the primary item cataloged is in a media category, there are special instructions for Item type and Item Statistical Category. Refer to guidelines for item records below. When marking, use the descriptor term Suppl to match the Item Statistical Category term and enter the same descriptor term in CHRON.
      Effective Date: 
      March 3, 2014