Item Records

ENUM. If a caption is used in the MFHD 866, use the same caption in ENUM.

For more detail, see ENUM/CHRON Fields in Voyager Item Records for Serials and Multipart Policies and Procedures: Item Records.

Check item type if the item processed is for any serial, a reference collection, all departmental locations, and any nonprint item.

1. jour=non-circulating journal.  Journals less than 10 years old (based on issue date): add decade/year digits, e.g. jour02. Note that many (but not all) locations outside SML do not circulate even after 10 years & are assigned jour at the time of cataloging. Some newly received retrospective sets for SML may be assigned jourcirc if over ten years old.

2. For SML, assign item type circ to an annual unless it is held by a reference collection.

3a. Media items (videocassettes & DVDs, audio CDs, audiocassettes, CD-ROMs) for SML stacks, SML sublocations, and CCL. If the media item is primary ("stand-alone"), use item type media. If the media item is cataloged as accompanying material, assign item type circ or jour[xx] as appropriate for circulating collections, nocirc for special collections. 

3b. For both primary and accompanying media, select also the appropriate media type from the Item Statistical Categories List. See instructions for updating the item record at:

For table of authorized item types and statistical categories, refer to:

In the table, note that when a media type is primary, accompanying print material is assigned the same item type (as the primary item) but is assigned Item Statistical Category Suppl

3c. For accompanying media items, enter the appropriate format designation in CHRON to differentiate the call number from the primary item. CHRON: CD DVD DISKETTE VHS

4. Item type reference. If item is a journal volume, use reference rather than jour[xx] as the item type, e.g. a serial in artref gets item type reference. However, latest issue in reference serials would get jour[xx] for the volume in reference.

5. Departmental item types/statistical categories for media. Departmental accompanying media generally are not assigned separate item records; often the accompanying media item is not sent with the book. Policy for situations where the media item is primary:*    

  • Do not use item type media when media is primary. Instead, 
  • Assign the specific item type from the scroll down list for the Item Type field. CAUTION: the terms do not correspond to the Item Statistical Categories table used for SML. 

For departmental media items, Statistical Category is not updated. 

For accompanying media items, assign the specific item type from the scroll down list; Statistical Category is not updated.

*EXCEPTION: CSSSI and Mathematics: follow the SML procedures.

6. If accompanying material is not assigned a barcode (e.g. microfiche in pocket), record in Pieces section of the Item record, e.g. single volume book with 6 microfiche in pocket counts as 7 pieces; a single portfolio containing 25 sheets counts as 26 pieces.

7. If a location is changed in 852, the Perm. loc. must also be changed to the corresponding location.

8. If the item record needs to be updated for other reasons (e.g. 5.-6. above), change the Copy number to 0.