Frank E. Warren

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This is an incomplete list of works; compositions for tuba cited from: Suite for euphonium (or trombone) and two tubas, op. 3a. -- Sharon, MA : F.E. Warren Music Service: Earnestly Music, [1982?], c1976.
With opus numbers
op. 1, Sonata for tuba and piano (1975)
op. 2, Sonata for unaccompanied clarinet
op. 3, Suite for three tubas (1976)
op. 3a, Suite for euphonium (or trombone) and two tubas (rev. 1982)
op. 13, Tuba music (1980)
op. 25, Song for tuba and piano, op. 25
op. 28a, Music for tuba and piano (1991)

Without opus numbers
Seven duets for tubassoon (for tuba and bassoon; 1983)
Concerto music for solo tuba with cello and vibraharp (1989)