Reclamation FAQ for OCLC Catalogers (Non-Roman)


Q1. Will I have to re-export the record to OCLC when ExportQ is no longer red?

A1. No, after the MARS processed record has overlaid the Orbis record, it is recorded as an update in the record history (as MARS). On Mondays, the YL computer program will identify all records with MARS in the record history that were updated from the previous week and send a file of these records to OCLC.

Q2. What happens if I use ExportQ to export to both MARS and OCLC?

A2. The record will only be queued for export to MARS even if OCLC is checked off in the ExportQ window. An automated program will export the record to OCLC after the Orbis record updated by MARS has replaced the original Orbis record. "Manual" export to OCLC will be enabled only for a few selected Orbis accounts.

Q3. What happens when I update a record in OCLC?

A3. As usual, you download the updated record to Orbis and overlay the Orbis bib record. The overlay automatically flags the record for re-export to OCLC. The re-exported record will match the Orbis 035 OCoLC against the OCLC IR number and replace the OCLC YUS IR.

Q4. Should I re-export the updated record to MARS?

A4. No, unless the update is adding a new heading to the bib record and the heading is not represented by an authority record in Orbis.

Q5. How will the record re-exported to OCLC that replaces the original OCLC YUS IR differ from it?

A5. OCLC adds 035 __ (YUS)<Orbis ID number>

Q6. Will all cataloged records in Orbis be represented by institution records in OCLC?

A6. Yes, with the exception of catalog records we are contractually forbidden from distributing to the utility, e.g. MARCIVE records created for Government Docs & vendor supplied records for online books and serials. Uncataloged records will not be represented in OCLC. There are also about 40,000 records OCLC was not able to load due primarily to errors in the MARC coding. These will be corrected and re-exported to OCLC.

Q7. Prior to reclamation, what Orbis catalog records were represented in OCLC by institution records?

A7. YUL records created in RLIN and non-latin script records created by Near East, East Asia, and Hebraica cataloging. As part of the reclamation process, all of these IRs were deleted at the beginning of the process. During the reclamation, the deleted IRs were replaced with new IRs based on the current Orbis records.

Q8. How do I identify Orbis records that have been processed by the reclamation project?

A8. The record history will have OCLCREC or OCLCREC and MARS.

Q9. What happens to a re-exported Orbis record created or copy cataloged initially in OCLC?

A9. OCLC matches the re-exported record's 035 OCoLC number with the YUS IR number and overlays the matching OCLC record. OCLC sends us a file of numbers representing the Orbis ID number, the master record ID number, and the institution record ID number representing all Orbis records, new and updated, that were received in the file from YUL. For records cataloged in OCLC, the Yale program does not change the 035 or the 079 in the Orbis record, but it will delete all other 035 fields in the Orbis record with the OCoLC prefix.The updated record will overlay the Orbis record.

Q10. What happens if Catalog Management updates a subject heading on my record in Orbis?

A10. The updated record will be re-exported to OCLC the following week, so your IR will have the most up to date subject heading.

Q11. If I overlay a record in one week and then re-overlay it the subsequent week, will it be exported twice?

A11. Yes, the program flags updated records for export based on a weekly schedule. This also means that the OCLC IR will be replaced twice in the order of updates over the 2 week period.

Q12. Will the record be re-exported if I save the MFHD or the item record?

A12. No, only the bibliographic record is exported to OCLC.

Q13. When can I re-overlay the bib record in Orbis with an updated OCLC IR?

A13. You can overlay the record as soon as the ExportQ red flag is turned off. However, before you overlay the Orbis record, check for and include any changes MARS processing may have added to the Orbis record if they are not already in the OCLC YUS IR.

Q14. How do I know I am looking at a YUL reclamation IR in Connexion?

A14. Look for a 035 field with a YUS prefix, e.g.

035 __ (YUS)201419

The number following YUS is the Orbis ID number.

Check 040. It should read either

040 __ YUS ‡c YUS

or, <other library OCLC code> ‡c YUS (with no subsequent $d <other library>)

040 __ DLC ‡c YUS

The title bar will identify the record as Online Institution Record (YUS).

Q15. How do I display the master record in Connexion if the YUL IR is being displayed?

A15. Open the Window menu and click on the title preceded by "Online WorldCat"

Q16. How do I display other libraries' IRs in Connexion?

A16. Starting with the Cataloging menu:
Cataloging-->Show-->All institution records

For more detail and links to related documents, go to Post-Reclamation Workflow: Policies & Procedures

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