3. 368 Other Attributes of Person or Corporate Body with Examples

Sources: British Library Guide to RDA Name Authority Records (some examples are YUL); RDA 9.4, 9.6, 9.11

Policies & Protocols

YUL: record if necessary for identification (BL: record if readily available)

Z1: capitalize the first word in ‡a, ‡b, ‡c

Indicators: blank


  • ‡a Type of corporate body (R)
  • ‡b Type of jurisdiction (R)
  • ‡c Other designation (R)
  • ‡2 Source (NR)

NACO policy: do not use the following subfields:

  • ‡d Title of person (R) <royalty, nobility, ecclesiastical rank>
  • ‡s Start period (NR)
  • ‡t End period (NR)
  • ‡u URI (R)
  • ‡v Source of information

368: BL Guide Best Practices Re: Terminology

Best practice for 368 terminology: use LCSH

If no LCSH, use a term that the entity uses or by which it is described (without ‡2)

Indicate the source in ‡2; repeat if ‡2 does not apply to all terms

368     Christian sects ‡2 lcsh
368     ‡c Apostolic

Use an LCSH term if available, but keep in mind that the form used in LCSH may not be appropriate in that form for an AAP qualifier:

110 2   Vanguard Consulting (Business Enterprise)
368     Business enterprises ‡2 lcsh
151     Rhinebeck (N.Y.)
368     ‡b Villages ‡2 lcsh
100 1   Wills, Benjamin ‡c (Surgeon)
368     ‡c Surgeons ‡2 lcsh

Type of Corporate Body

110 2   St. Leonards Writers
368     Societies ‡2 lcsh
110 2   Catholic Church. ‡b Secretariado Nacional para os Bens Culturais da Igreja
368     Secretariats ‡2 lcsh
110 2   East Midland Baptist Association
368     Associations, institutions, etc. ‡2 lcsh

Jurisdictions (‡b)

No indicators for 151 as well as 368

LCSH terms currently (8/13) valid: counties, cities and towns, villages, suburbs, boroughs, republics

Not valid LCSH as of 8/13: districts, states, countries, kingdoms

Example 2 source: NACO training slides, Module 5, Slide 22

151     New Haven (Conn.)
368     ‡b Cities and towns ‡2 lcsh
151     Grandview-Woodland (Vancouver, B.C.)
368     ‡b Neighborhoods ‡2 lcsh


151     Connecticut
368     ‡b State <no 368; term is not in LCSH 8/13>

368 ‡c Other Designation

BL:  Generally record only if used as the basis for an AAP qualifier. Note that titles of royalty and nobility are assigned to 368 ‡d, and NACO policy does not allow entry of ‡d.

Based on the April 2014 RDA update, here are the types of potential qualifiers that could be entered in ‡c, excluding the ‡d categories (titles of royalty, nobility, and ecclesiastical rank):

Mandatory as qualifiers in AAP:

  • Saints ( <unless the person also has a ‡d type title, in which case the title trumps the saint qualifier>
  • Spirits (

May be used as qualifiers in the AAP if needed to differentiate, again excluding the ‡d categories:

  • Persons named in sacred scriptures or apocryphal books, fictitious and legendary characters, type, species or breed ( There is an option to qualify by one of the types even if there is no need to differentiate; the LC PCC PS allows the cataloger to use the option. YUL: strongly recommended that the option be used.
100 1   Seabiscuit (Horse)
368     ‡c Horses ‡2 lcsh
100 1   Catherine, ‡c Duchess of Cambridge, ‡d 1982-
368     ‡d Duchess of Cambridge <do not make>

Term of address was allowed (or not forbidden) as a qualifier in the category of Other designation, but a term of address isn't a title. Whether a term of address qualifies as an Other designation (‡c) is not clear.

100 1   Richardson, Ralph, ‡c Sir, ‡d 1902-1983
368     ‡d Sir <do not make>
100 1   Teresa, ‡c Mother, ‡d 1910-1997
368     ‡d Mother <do not make>


100 1   Damien, ‡c Saint, Father, ‡d 1840-1889
368     ‡d Saint , Father <do not make>  ‡c Saints ‡2 lcsh
110 2   Church of God (Seventh Day Adventist)
368     Christian sects ‡c Seventh Day Adventists ‡2 lcsh