4. 370 Associated Place

Source: LC/NACO RDA Bridge Training, BL Guide, Z1, RDA 9.8-9.11, 10.5,  11.3.2-11.3.3, 11.9, 6.5

MARC/NACO Protocols

370: No indicators. Repeatable.


‡a Place of birth (NR)
‡b Place of death (NR)
‡c Associated country (R)
‡e Place of residence/headquarters (R)
‡f Other associated place (R)
‡g Place of origin of work (R)
‡s Start period (NR)
‡t End period (NR)
‡u Uniform Resource Identifier (R)
‡v Source of information (R)
‡0 Record control number (R) <do not use>
‡2 Source of term (NR) <lcsh if non-jurisdictional;  for jurisdictions, naf not necessary at this time, but recommended>


‡2: if taken from NAF, ‡2 naf is not mandatory, but note the change at Sept. 2013 below.  If taken from LCSH, use ‡2 lcsh. If not established in either, no ‡2.

BL: A non-jurisdictional name coded as 110 in the NAF is treated as a jurisdiction: Auschwitz (Concentration camp); Queen Mary (Ship). A person could be born or died  in a concentration camp or on a ship.

As of Sept. 2013: the form of the name of the place should be in the authorized RDA form.* Since there is now no discrepancy between the 370 form and the 151, probably it would be best to add ‡2 naf if the name has been established.

*Formerly:  written as it would be in a qualifier in the 1XX (no parentheses)

Even if it is not established in the NAF yet, record it in RDA form but do not establish the name in the NAF simply to justify the 370.

Name changes: always use the latest place that applies to the AAP; optionally, add also the earlier name.


Birth/Death (BL)

100 1   Singer, Isaac Bashevis, ‡d 1904-1991
370     Radzimyn (Poland) ‡b Surfside (Fla.) ‡2 naf

Place of residence/Other Associated Place

100 1   Mattison, Alice
370     ‡c United States ‡e New Haven (Conn.) ‡f Bennington (Vt.) ‡2 naf
373     Bennington College ‡2 naf


YUL example: Mattison home page: residence, New Haven;  teaches at Bennington College (in Bennington, Vermont)

BL recommends always adding ‡c primarily to facilitate machine-actionable  processing “to distinguish and match people.”

100 1   Parker, Bobby ‡c (Poet)
370     ‡c Great Britain ‡f Kidderminster (England) ‡2 naf

Difference in punctuation: qualifier in 130 vs 370

130 1   Gazette (Shiner, Tex.)
370     Shiner (Tex.) ‡2 naf

If the qualifier of a place [Korea (South), Washington (State)] is not a larger jurisdiction, the qualifier is dropped from the AAP when the place itself is used as a qualifier. Prior to the Z1 update Sept 2013, the qualifier was also dropped from the 370. Now that it matches on 151, the cataloger can add ‡2 naf  to the 370s for Korea (South) and Washington (State).

151     Masa Pangmulgwan (Korea)
370     ‡c Korea (South) ‡2 naf
110 2   Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (Wash.)
370     Washington (State) ‡2 naf

Countries in ‡c

Another change: prior to Sept. 2013, countries in ‡c were abbreviated if they were on the list of abbreviations in Appendix B11; notably United States was entered as U.S. The Appendix B abbreviations are no longer applied; spell out United States.

The other countries with abbreviations in Appendix B: New Zealand (N.Z.), Russian Soviet Federated Republic (R.S.F.S.R), Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.)

Use Great Britain instead of U.K. in ‡c.


  • ‡a and ‡b are specific to Personal Names
  • ‡g is specific to Works
  • All other subfields are available for all types of NAR’s, as shown in the RDA instruction references.
  • If more than one ‡s start and ‡t end period related with a particular place, repeat the field, not the subfields.

Turkey is established but Ionia is not:

100 1   Homer. ‡t Iliad
370     ‡g Ionia  <this is an ancient region in coast Turkey not est. in LCSH; RDA form not applicable>
370     ‡g Turkey ‡2 naf

Place of origin and dates:

100 1   Joyce, James, ‡d 1882-1941. ‡t Ulysses
370     ‡g Trieste (Italy) ‡g Zürich (Switzerland) ‡g Paris (France) ‡2 naf
370     ‡s 1914 ‡t 1922

Place and date are on the last page of Ulysses, but not in hand at this writing.