17. Geographic Names-1


Based on NACO RDA Training, Module 5, Slides 41-42

Condition No Yes Notes
Recommended as 451
Language København Copenhagen PS Base preferred geo name on English language reference sources
Transliteration Kamchatskaya Oblastʹ  [BGN Approved] Kamchatskai︠a︡ oblastʹ [ALA-LC] Use ALA-LC transliteration rather than BGN-approved transliteration
BGN Long & Short Form (via GeoNet) Borno Borno State Generally prefer the long form
Exceptions County Kerry (Ireland) Kerry (Ireland) Prefer short form if name is preceded by type of jurisdiction
Initial articles al-’Aqabah (Jordan) Aqabah (Jordan) No articles before Arabic, Hebrew (& other languages that use these scripts)
    The Dalles (Or.)   Dalles (Or.) Other languages: generally the initial article is dropped
  Den Haag (Netherlands) Haag (Netherlands)  
  Angeles Los Angeles Include if supported by current gazetteers in the country’s language
  Felinheli (Wales) Y Felinheli  (Wales)  
Abbreviations Mt. Shasta (Calif.) Mount Shasta (Calif.) “Mount” is not abbreviated even if the abbreviation is used in the source

BUT: Mt. St. Helens Public Access Task Group (Wash.)

Mount Rainier National Park (Agency : U.S.)

If “Mt.” or “St.” is included as part of a corporate name, use abbreviation or spelled out form based on the predominant form.
  St. Louis Saint Louis “St.” is not abbreviated even if the abbreviation is used in the source
Exceptions Saint Ives (Cornwall, England) St. Ives (Cornwall, England) UK & Republic of Ireland:  prefer abbreviation for “Saint.” But no exception is made for “Mount.”
  St. Lawrence River Saint Lawrence River Canadian places: use form in Canadian Geographical Names Database
  Saint John’s (N.L.) St. John’s (N.L.)