The collection’s primary function is to support research and teaching programs in the School of Management.  The Yale School of Management (SOM) was founded in 1976. Management and business-related collections prior to then may reflect ties to the former Department of Administrative Science and the Department of Economics, but 1976 marks the beginning of collecting materials in most aspects of business and management at Yale.

Departments/disciplines/programs/subject areas supported

Departments and Programs

The collections are designed to meet the needs of the Master of Business Administration and doctoral students at the School; Yale does not have an undergraduate business program.

The collection also supports:

  • Center for Customer Insights
  • International Center for Finance
  • Program on Entrepreneurship
  • Program on Social Enterprise
  • Center for Business and the Environment
  • Program on Financial Stability 

Present collecting emphasizes leadership, organizational behavior, finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit organizations.

Formats collected

Formats and materials acquired generally:

Historically monographs, serials, and reference materials were purchased fairly evenly across areas of the curriculum. Ongoing acquisitions favor electronic products almost to the exclusion of print resources. This includes electronic directories and databases featuring company and industry profiles and reports, financial data and statistics, and market research reports and publications.

Materials acquired selectively:

  • Basic materials, such as those aimed at the general investor
  • Reference works, such as business encyclopedias or dictionaries

Formats and materials not collected:

  • Ephemera
  • Instructor’s materials
  • Juvenile works
  • Manuscripts
  • Preprints
  • Software manuals unrelated to specialized scientific software or applications

Languages collected

Materials collected are in English.

Chronological and geographical focus

Current materials are emphasized.

No geographic areas are excluded.

Collaborations within Yale

  • Within the Center for Science and Social Science Information, there is significant collaboration with the selector for economics to build the collection in the area of finance. There is also some collaboration with the selector for psychology on materials related to organizational behavior.
  • SOM provides a joint degree program with the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; librarians collaborate to acquire materials related to the environment and sustainability.
  • The Center for Science and Social Science Information’s Economic Growth Center collection includes statistical data, including national censuses, from developing and developed countries around the world.
  • Yale Library supports entrepreneurial research for the University community, and acquires databases and collects publications that assist Yale entrepreneurs in their efforts. In the management collection, this includes market and industry research databases, business plans, and contemporary literature on entrepreneurship and business start-ups.
  • Yale Library collects publications through the depository programs of the U.S. federal government, Canadian federal government, United Nations, European Union, and Food & Agriculture Organization. (See the Collection Development Statement for Government Documents and Information.)

Subject Librarian: 

Erin Wachowicz's picture Erin Wachowicz
Research Support Librarian for Business and Management
Center for Science and Social Science Information
(203) 432-3306

Rashelle Nagar
Librarian for Finance, Accounting, and Business Data
Center for Science and Social Science Information
(203) 432-3157