Library Committees

Budget Management Forum (BMF)

Reports To: University Librarian

Committee Charge: A discussion and information forum for mid- and senior-level managers who have significant financial and programmatic responsibilities. The agendas will include topics including YUL budget, YUL policies and procedures, new or changing services and programs, and strategic planning. The key goals of this forum include: clear, consistent communication of information critical to the operations of YUL; shared understanding among managers of the challenges and opportunities for YUL and Yale; and to develop a strong peer-network of managers throughout YUL.

Frequency of Meetings: Monthly

Member selection method: All members of the Library Executive Committee and managers selected by the AULs, Chief Technology Officer, Director of Technical Services, Director of Manuscripts & Archives, and the University Librarian. In order to keep the forum at a manageable size, it is not possible to include all unit managers. Therefore, seats on the forum will be rotated annually amongst unit managers in a department, as determined by the department heads.

Term of Service: 1 Year

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