Library Committees

EliScholar Steering Committee (ESC)

Reports To: Mike Bell

Committee Charge:

The EliScholar Steering Committee (ESC) is charged with advising on support, best practices and policies for EliScholar, Yale University Library's digital publishing platform.
The committee will, as needed:
  • Provide guidance on questions and issues as they arise from the support of EliScholar
  • Review trends and best practices in digital publishing platforms
  • Provide guidance on content strategy
  • Review interface design and features
  • Assist with communicating news, updates and issues regarding digital publishing at Yale back to library constituents as appropriate
  • Assist with coordinating periodic EliScholar user forums
  • Evaluate compliance with best practices regarding copyright and terms of use
ESC membership will be reviewed annually to ensure that representation aligns with Library and University priorities.
Membership will be comprised of staff with operational oversight of EliScholar.
Members are responsible for providing direction on operational functions of EliScholar, assisting with sharing that information, and ongoing assessment of the service.
The primary and secondary support staff for EliScholar will be responsible for calling the meetings and setting the agenda.
Meeting agenda summaries will be posted and available to the larger YUL community.

Frequency of Meetings: Quarterly

Term of Service: Ongoing

Committee Member: 

Primary support, Chair, Contact
Secondary Support

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