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Goobi Working Group (GWG)


The Goobi Working Group (GWG) is charged by the Digital Collections Systems Advisory Group with overseeing implementation, operation, system maintenance, and development of Goobi. Yale University Library uses Goobi to manage digitization services as well as ingest of content into YUL’s Digital Collections System (DCS). The working group coordinates all matters pertaining to the development and maintenance of policies and best practices related to the development and use of this system. GWG acts as product owner for Goobi at Yale Library. 
At this time, Goobi is actively in production at Beinecke Library, supporting work being done by the Digital Services Unit and Access Services, including digitization and ingest of resulting digital content into DCS. A central digitization service operated by Preservation and Conservation Services (PCS) is currently being implemented at Yale Library, which will also use Goobi in due course. 
Until further notice, GWG’s work will be solely focused on supporting the implementation and configuration of Goobi for the centralized digitization service at PCS, and to support the ingest of new content into DCS as part of the DCS Phase 2 work. Group members are part of one or both of these projects. GWG’s membership and charge will be re-evaluated once this work is complete.


  • Become expert users for Goobi
  • Create a plan for ongoing support of Goobi at Yale Library, considering in-house vs vendor based support  
  • Establish, publish, and maintain policies and best practices for the use of Goobi at YUL.
  • Maintain training documentation and make available appropriate training sessions and other outreach activities related to Goobi.
  • Coordinate the development of enhancements and new features to Goobi, and with outside vendors.
    • Create plans for ongoing development of Goobi to support the centralized digitization service at PCS along with Phase 2 of the DCS.
    • Act as liaison for Yale Library with Goobi’s vendor, Intranda.
  • Oversee the integration of Goobi with other systems (including Metadata Cloud, Aeon, DCS, and Preservica) and coordinate with staff members responsible for the implementation of those systems.
  • Dale Hendrickson, Senior Director of Library IT, Sponsor, DCSAG
  • Daniel Lovins, Director of Resource Discovery Services, Co-chair, DCSAG
  • Michael Appleby, Director of Software Engineering, Co-chair, DCSAG
  • Allen Townsend, AUL for Arts and Humanities, Sponsor, DCSAG
  • Christine Weideman, Director, MSSA, Sponsor, DCSAG
  • Christine McCarthy, Preservation and Conservation Services, DCSAG
  • Michelle Light, AUL for Special Collcetions, Sponsor, DCSAG

Committee Members

Appleby, Michael
Cochrane, Euan
Custer, Mark
Klingenberger, Robert
Manton, Jonathan Chair
Paul, Anu
Shetenhelm, Summer
Zhao, Lixia (Maggie)
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