Library Committees

Library Project Review Committee (LPRC)

Reports To: Library Executive Committee (LEC)

Committee Charge:

The Library Project Review Committee (LPRC) is responsible for providing support to Library staff with ideas for projects, ranging from small pilots to the first step in applying for a major grant.   LPRC provides staff with opportunities to assess and incubate project ideas, as well as learn about the Library’s project review process.   In addition, on a quarterly basis, LPRC formally reviews all Library project proposals. LPRC will make a recommendation regarding each proposal, having fully vetted the assumptions, resource needs, and scope. These recommendations will be reported to the Library Executive Committee (LEC) with LEC making the final determination on all proposals.

Fequency of Meetings: Quarterly, at the minimum

Term of Service: 2 years

Committee Contact: Any committee member

Committee Member: 

Collection Development, 2018-2020, Chair
Subject Liason, 2018-2020
Preservation, 2018-2020
Special Collections, 2018-2020

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