Library Committees

NACO Coordinating Committee

Committee Charge:

The NACO Coordinating Committee is responsible for coordinating the Library's ongoing participation in the Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) component of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). The NACO program allows trained catalog librarians to contribute new and updated authority records for name, uniform title, and series headings to the national authority file.

The NACO Coordinating Committee is charged to:

•             keep current with national developments relating to the NACO program

•             inform YUL librarians of relevant national changes

•             determine and document local NACO policies and procedures

•             report to CCC significant changes to local NACO policies and procedures

•             provide NACO training and review for catalog librarians who are not yet independent

•             determine when catalog librarians are granted independence from NACO review

•             draft official Library responses to LC-PCC's proposed rule changes that would affect NACO practice

Frequency of Meetings: The committee meets on the third Thursday of each month from 11am-12pm.

Term of Service: open-ended terms

Committee Member: 

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