Library Committees

Responsible Metadata Operations Framework Implementation Task Force

Reports To: Metadata Steering Committee (MSC)

Task Force Charge:

The Framework for Responsible Metadata Implementation Task Force is charged with establishing guidelines, initial training, documentation, and reporting structures needed to implement the Framework for Responsible Metadata Operations. The task force will work closely with colleagues to ensure the deliverables reflect best practices and meet the needs of the communities served by the library.


  • Brenna Bychowski (chair)

  • Anna Arays

  • Dominique Bourassa

  • Mara Caelin

  • Mary Caldera

  • Ruth Carruth (recording secretary)

  • Alison Clemens (RAD liaison)

  • Judy Gitlin

  • Tim Thompson (MSC liaison)

  • Nick Wantsala (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility liaison)

Frequency of Meetings: Biweekly

For questions about the task force, please contact Brenna Bychowski.

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