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Web Steering Committee

The Web Steering Committee is charged with overseeing major web projects; helping to develop the library’s digital strategy; and making recommendations to the Library Executive Committee for policies, governance, administrative structures, and resources to support a unified, effective, and strategic web presence

Guiding Principles for the Yale Library Web Presence

  1. The web presence is for library users. The web presence should be designedmanaged, and resourced to meet the needs and expectations of its diverse users. Decision-making should be data-driven, supported by a robust program of user research and assessment. 
  2. The web presence is the virtual libraryThe web presence should accurately represent the library’s unified identity together with its diversity and complexity. It should embody Yale Library values, including protection of user privacy and a renewed commitment to addressing systemic racism and inequality.
  3. The web presence is the library’s most important service platformWe should make the web presence simple and intuitive to understand and use, for library patrons and the staff who use the web to provide servicesWe will prioritize helping users find and connect with the services and collections they need.  The guiding principle of simplicity would also drive opportunities to unify and standardize services and collection access where feasible.
  4. The web presence is the library’s most important communication platform. Through design, content strategy, information architecture, and related elements, the web presence should advance and support library priorities and strategic objectives.
  5. The web presence should support autonomy. A key role of the Steering Committee is to advocate for a framework, guidelines, tools, resources, and governance structures within which it will be easier for library staff and departments to do their work and manage their web domains. 
  6. The web presence should be dynamic and sustainable. In its dual role as service hub and communications channel, the web presence must be designed, staffed, and resourced to evolve along with the library as an organization and the changing needs of library users. 

Committee Member: 

Administrative Support

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