Digital Humanities Lab

Research Digitization

The DHLab supports digitization for the purposes of creating textual corpora, databases, or similar projects that will facilitate computational inquiries, rather than for the purposes of preservation or digital dissemination. To that end, the DHLab offers specialized equipment for Yale scholars to transform physical material, such as books and microfilm, into digitally-actionable research objects.  

While the Epson scanners are available to any Yale scholar working on a digital humanities project and do not require appointments, the Zeutschel book scanner and Mekel microfilm scanner are reserved for use by DHLab grant recipients. These scanners do require an initial training with a DHLab staff member, after which users perform the digitization themselves by reserving the scanners online:

Bound Material

The DHLab contains a Zeutschel OS 15000 Advanced book scanner.

The 15000 can scan up to 18" x 14" originals (European A2 size) at 300 dpi resolution and with 42-bit color. Scans take 1 second in black & white and 2 seconds in color. Automatic page detection and book curve de-warping are handled by software on a dedicated workstation attached to the scanner.

Abbyy FineReader Pro is available as OCR (optical character recognition) software.

To schedule a training session for the Mekel, please email the DHLab. To reserve the machine, visit:

Loose-leaf Material

The DHLab has an Epson WorkForce DS-860 color document scanner available for use.

The DS-860 can scan up to 65 pages per minute, double-sided, and has a duty cycle of 6,000 pages per day.

Abbyy FineReader Pro is available as OCR (optical character recognition) software.

Photographs, Negatives & Slides

The DHLab has an Epson Perfection V700 scanner for capturing color photographs, as well as 35mm and medium-format slides and negatives.

The V700 can batch-scan up to 12 35mm slides at a time. It has an optical resolution of 6400 DPI and a dynamic range (DMAX) of 4.0.

Large-format Material

The DHLab has a Epson GT-20000 tabloid-size flatbed scanner for capturing larger-size documents and publications.

The GT-20000 is ideal for scanning originals that would otherwise take multiple passes with traditional letter- or legal-sized flatbed scanners.


The DHLab has a Mekel Mach 10 scanner for 16mm and 35mm microfilm.

The scanner is capable of accommodating up to 1000ft rolls and can process over 1,000 images per minute at 24x reduction.  

To schedule a training session for the Mekel, please email the DHLab. To reserve the machine, visit:

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