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YDN Historical Archive Selection of Periods Covered

Selected Periods Covered in the Online Collection

January 1878 – June 1879: The Beginning
The first year of the YDN's publication provides deep insight into Yale and New Haven during the nineteenth-century.

    * 1878
    * 1879

Fall 1913 – Spring 1919: The Great War
The Early Years | The Later Years

This content provides thorough and often poignant coverage of life at Yale during the Great War. In the fall of 1918, after only ten issues, the YDN suspended publication from October 20 until the end of December because nearly all the editorial staff were occupied by military duties. The 1918-1919 flu pandemic was also taking a toll around the world. Headlines during October 1918 identify many Yale students who died in the war, but, interestingly, the flu appears not to have claimed many lives at Yale.

    * 1913-14
    * 1914-15
    * 1915-16
    * 1916-17
    * 1917-18
    * 1918-19

Fall 1940 – Spring 1948: World War II
The Class of 1945W generously funded the period of the World War II experience, including the beginning of American involvement in the war and the return to normalcy after the YDN resumed regular publication in 1946 through to 1948. Publication had been curtailed during the war and a Yale News Digest was published in place of the YDN, initially with three issues per week and then only one issue per week towards the end of the war. This content will support extensive research analysis of the impact of the war at Yale.

    * 1940-41
    * 1941-42
    * 1942-43
    * 1943-44
    * 1944-45
    * 1945-46
    * 1946-47
    * 1947-48

1960 – 1966: The Kennedy/Johnson Years
The early '60s saw the election of John Kennedy, discussion of "subversives" on campus, new programs including the Peace Corps and coverage of curriculum and leadership changes at the University. The Cold War was in evidence with the Cuban blockade and traveling faculty accused of espionage.
    * 1960-61
    * 1961-62
    * 1962-63
    * 1963-64
    * 1964-65
    * 1965-66

Spring 1967 – Spring 1970: The Radical '60s
The end of the sixties was a tumultuous period that saw student anti-war protests, the introduction of coeducation at Yale, and the Black Panther trial in New Haven – events that are likely to attract substantial interest from alumni, historians, and the public.

    * 1967-68
    * 1968-69
    * 1969-70

Fall 1978 – Spring 1981: The Early Years of the Giamatti Administration
Beginning in A. Bartlett Giamatti's administration, the records of Yale's President and many university offices were closed to researchers for thirty-five years. The YDN thus provides the best available material for historical research on Yale activities at that time.

    * 1978-79
    * 1979-80
    * 1980-81

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