Andover Newton Theological School Finding Aids

The Divinity Library is delighted to announce the arrival of many of the special collections and archival materials of Andover Newton Theological School.  The new materials include institutional records and the personal papers of more than sixty individuals and families. The collections are being integrated  into the Yale University Library system during the 2017-2018 academic year and can be made available to researchers. See links to the finding aids for the collections below. For more information, please contact the Special Collections Librarian.

Anderson, Frederick Lincoln

Andros, Thomas

Backus, Isaac

Backus Historical Society

Barrows, Homer

Bartlett, Ernest Merrill

Berkeley, James Percival

Booth, Chauncey

Boston Baptist Bethel City Mission

Bronson Family Papers

Brush, John

Calkins, Wolcott

Carpenter, Chapin Howard

Chase, Irah

Davis, Jacob

Denison, Frederick

Dewey, Harry Pinneo

Dunstan, J. Leslie

Dyer, Vernelle Wallace

Edwards, Jonathan, Jr.

Emerson, Ralph

Emmons, Nathanael

Ferré, Nels F.S.

Fisher, Abial

Fiske, Daniel Taggart

Gezork, Herbert J.

Greenleaf, Robert

Gulick Family

Gulliver, John Putnam

Hopkins, Samuel

Hovey, Alvah

Hurlin, William

Judson, Adoniram

King, Henry Melville

Lamson, William

Lincoln, Heman

Millard, William Harold

New England Women Ministers Association

Nijiima, Jó

Nott Family

Page, Frederick Harlan

Park, Edwards Amasa

Pearson, Eliphalet

Peck, John Mason

Phillips, Samuel

Platner, John Winthrop

Price, Hampton Eugene

Rhees, Rush

Robie, Edward

Sanderson, Ross Warren

Smith, Hezekiah

Smith, Samuel Francis

Smyth, Egbert Coffin

Stiles, Abel

Stuart, Moses

Taylor, Oliver Alden

Upham, James

West, Stephen

White, William James

Whitman, Benaiah Longley

Willard, Benjamin

Winchell, James Manning

Wisner, Benjamin Blydenburg

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