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The Divinity Library holds original format and microform collections of manuscript and archival materials related to missionary work and the Christian church in Korea. These records are of use both in providing information about events, movements, and institutions in Korea, and in providing insight into the Western societies that sent, supported, and were embodied in the missionaries. In addition to the archival materials listed below, the Divinity Library holds many additional published works, periodicals, annual reports, and pamphlets that provide documentation of the growth of Christianity in Korea.  Contact the Divinity Library for more information. 
Personal papers:
  • Brown, Arthur Judson (Record Group 2): as administrative secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions 1895-1929 Brown visited the Korea mission and was in correspondence with missionaries.
  • Found, Norman (Record Group 30): American Methodist medical missionary in Korea 1921-1930s and Professor of Internal Medicine, Severance Union Medical College
  • Ohlinger, Frank and Bertha (Record Group 23): American Methodist missionaries in China and Korea 1870-1911

Archives of organizations:

  • Korean Mission (Microfilm: Film Ms527): Anglican work in Korea 1889-1987
  • Methodist Church (U.S.) Board of Missions (Microfilm: Film Ms171): American Methodist work circa 1907-1950
  • Methodist Episcopal Church Board of Missions (Microfilm: Film Ms170): American Methodist work circa 1892-1912
  • Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (Microfilm: Film Ms114): documents work 1903-1957
  • United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (Record Groups11a -11i): includes records of Ewha Women’s University, Yonsei University, and other Korean colleges and universities.
  • World Student Christian Federation (Record Group 46); includes documentation of the student Christian movement in Korea (1910s-1920s).

Digitized annual reports related to Korea from the Day Missions Collection:

Lists of missionaries to Korea are available in directories linked to from https://web.library.yale.edu/divinity/digital-collections.

For additional resources, also see the UCLA Korean Christianity Online Archive

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