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Please address reference inquiries to

We encourage researchers to visit the Divinity Library in person in order to take advantage of its valuable complementary collections but recognize that in-person visits may not be possible for all. We are willing to respond to remote requests for information and for copies of materials according to our stated reproduction policies. Due to the volume of requests and staffing constraints, the Special Collections staff typically can spend no more than one hour assisting patrons at a distance in identifying materials to answer a reference request or to be reproduced. Patrons who submit reference or reproduction requests requiring more than one hour of staff time will need to do the additional work in person or to hire a research assistant.

The following are possible options to explore in order to locate a research assistant for hire. You will need to be able to describe your research needs succinctly in order to utilize any of these services. Be sure to include any special research skills required, such as languages.

  • A message sent to can be forwarded to the Yale Divinity School’s student email listserv.
  • The McDougal Graduate Student Center within Yale's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences maintains e-mail contact with all Yale graduate and professional students. You may contact the McDougal Graduate Student Center by email at at or by telephone at (203) 432-2583, to advertise employment of a research assistant
  • Yale history students are sometimes interested in temporary employment. You may contact the Department of History by telephone at (203) 432-1366 or by writing to P.O. Box 208324, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520-8324.
  • The Center for Career Services at Southern Connecticut State University maintains a registry for services wanted, which is available to its entire student body. Please contact them directly if you are interested in utilizing this service to advertise for a research assistant.
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