Occasional Publications

  • No. 23: “For the Healing of the Nations": Religious Visions, Subterranean Universes, and Cross-Cultural Encounters by J Nelson Jennings
  • No. 22:The Other Side of the Jordan: Yale Divinity Library Ten-Year Report by Paul F. Stuehrenberg
  • No. 21: From "the poor heathen" to "the glory and honour of all nations": Vocabularies of Race and Custom in Protestant Missions, 1844-1928 by Brian Stanley
  • No. 20: Capturing the Image: African Missionary Photography as Enslavement and Liberation by T. Jack Thompson
  • No. 19: St. Patrick and Bernard Mizeki: Missionary Saints and the Creation of Christian Communities by Dana L. Robert
  • No. 18:In Search of Moslems in China: the Story of a Journey through Northwest China, April 30-July 2, 1936, by Claude L. Pickens, Jr.
  • No. 17: Not the Bloom but the Root: Conversion and its Consequences in Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missionary Discourse by Jonathan J. Bonk
  • No. 16: Mission Dilemmas : Bride Price, Minor Marriage, Concubinage, Infanticide, and Education of Women by Jessie G. Lutz
  • No. 15: Bulldozers on the Quad: Yale Divinity School Library ten year report by Paul F. Stuehrenberg
  • No. 14: Ts'ai Yung-ch'un's Life and Work: Fully Chinese and Fully Christian by Hugh Barbour
  • No. 13: Christian Mission and Islamic Studies: Beyond Antithesis by David A. Kerr
  • No. 12: Robert Lowry Calhoun as Historian of Doctrine by George A. Lindbeck; with an appendix on Theology at Yale (1998)
  • No. 11: Glimpses of Canton: the Diary of Elijah C. Bridgman, 1834-1838 (1998)
  • No. 10: The American Revolution and the Roots of Mission in Africa: an essay on antislavery and antistructure by Lamin Sanneh. (1997)
  • No. 9: American Missionary Eyewitnesses to the Nanking Massacre, 1937-1938 edited by Martha Lund Smalley ; preface by Tien- wei Wu; introduction by Beatrice S. Bartlett. (1997)
  • No. 8: A History of the Expansion of Christianity Reconsidered: the Legacy of George E. Day by Andrew F. Walls. (1996)
  • No. 7: Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections at the Yale Divinity School Library compiled by Martha Lund Smalley. (1995, Revised edition 1998)
  • No. 6: Women's Role in the History of the World Student Christian Federation, 1895-1945 by Johanna M. Selles. (1995)
  • No. 5: Communications from the Field : Missionary Postcards from Africa edited by Martha Lund Smalley (1994, Revised edition 2006)
  • No. 4: Eli Smith and the Arabic Bible by Margaret R. Leavy. (1993)
  • No. 3: The Legacy of John R. Mott by Martha Lund Smalley. (1993)
  • No. 2: The Day Missions Library Centennial Volume by Stephen L. Peterson, Paul F. Stuehrenberg, Martha Lund Smalley
  • No. 1: A Library Worthy of the School : a History of the Yale Divinity School Library Collections by Paul F. Stuehrenberg. (Revised edition 1994)

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