Scholars collaborating across three continents are deciphering a rare eighteenth-century Japanese manuscript at Yale University Library to reveal a tragic—and likely true—love story between two male samurai warriors. The ongoing project, now in its fourth year, has been documented in “Blood, Tears and Samurai Love,” a video created by Haruko Nakamura, Yale’s librarian of Japanese Studies and Dylan Siegel (MA ’21) a graduate student in East Asian Studies. Read more

A pile of CD-Rom facing up

Yale University Library has launched a new online tool which enables users to access outdated CD-ROMs on current computer systems. Using the Yale Library Emulation Viewer, library users no longer need to check out a physical item and track down the required—and now obsolete—hardware to view it. Instead, they can click and view the contents of the disc from a link in the item’s catalog record. Read more

Nota Bene, Yale Library’s much-loved newsletter since 1987, has been reborn in digital form. The second online issue features stories about a new exhibition space in Sterling Memorial Library, a new tool for preserving digital collections, an international collaboration to decipher a rare library manuscript, and more. When Nota Bene debuted in 1987, then University Librarian Penny Abell said it would “foster a general awareness of the library’s great strengths.” This new digital format, to be published monthly, aims to continue the legacy. Subscribe online, selecting “Yale Library News.”