architect's rendering of gallery space

A section of Sterling Memorial Library’s soaring Gothic nave will be transformed into a museum-quality exhibition space that will be used to showcase materials from special collections across Yale University Library.  Construction began April 5 and will take approximately eight months. The new Hanke Exhibition Gallery will be located between the Starr Reference Room and the entrance to the stack tower. Read more and view slideshow

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Yale University Library has received its first-ever gift to establish an endowed fund to support digital preservation. The $100,000 gift comes from a 2008 graduate of Yale College, now a historian of modern warfare. Library collections now commonly contain materials like videotaped interviews, massive data sets, manuscripts drafted on early word processors, and much more. Digitization is also an increasingly important way to expand access to physical materials, particularly for scholars and community members who cannot travel to see the materials in person. The challenge is not only how to preserve these materials, but also how to make them accessible to current and future researchers. Read more.

Faced with the pandemic challenge of teaching a 64-student biology lab online, Maria Moreno, senior lecturer and research scientist in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, teamed up with librarians at Marx Science and Social Science Library to developed an accelerated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) course module, the first of its kind for Yale undergrads. In a matter of weeks, Moreno’s students were able to incorporate location data to analyze a wide range of public health issues and then present their conclusions as ESRI StoryMaps. ArcGIS, creator of StoryMaps, has published the Yale students’ projects online. Moreno expects that the accelerated course module will be added to other Yale College classes. Read more.