YDN Historical Archive Supporters

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive was created with the generous support of the following donors:
Academic Year Donor(s)
1878-1895 Oldest College Daily Foundation
1895-1897 J. Frederick Berg, Jr. '66, in honor of the Class of 1966
1903-1907 Oldest College Daily Foundation
1907-1911 J. Frederick Berg, Jr. '66, in memory of his parents J. Frederick Berg, Sr. and Jeanette A. Berg
1911-1913 J. Frederick Berg, Jr. '66, in honor of Alice Prochaska
1913-1919 Oldest College Daily Foundation
1939-1948 Yale Class of 1945W
1959-1962 Oldest College Daily Foundation
1962-1966 J. Frederick Berg, Jr. '66
1966-1971 Oldest College Daily Foundation
1971-1977 Eve Hart Rice '73 and Timothy D. Mattison '73
1977-1981 Oldest College Daily Foundation
1988-1989 Basie Bales Gitlin '10
1991-1992 YDN Editorial Board and staff from the Class of 1993
Six Years Timothy Yates '69

Yale Daily News Historical Archive

Yale Daily News November 4, 1968. Front page showing an image from the Vladimer Horowitz concert. The headline is about

Yale Daily News, founded on January 28, 1878, is the oldest college daily newspaper published in the United States.  The Yale Daily News Historical Archive provides access to digitized versions of printed issues of the Yale Daily News, the student newspaper of Yale University. The full text of these issues is indexed and searchable through the web interface.

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