LCSTransports – Library Collection Service Transports

This application solicits data for daily LCS pickup runs (AM or PM). The LCS team will use the data entered in order to derive the Driver Run Sheet for daily deliveries.

Shortcuts to this application and to reports are found in the shared 'LCSProdShortcuts’ folder at


Copy and paste this folder or the shortcuts in the folder to your workstation. All users of the application must have proper permissions; please submit a request to IT to add your netid to the permissions group, ‘Lib_lcsTransports_users’ or consult your supervisor about contacting Library IT to gain access to these functions.

The LCS Transports application is an MS ACCESS application, with an SQL Server backend. Please ‘enable’ the application again when you open it, and reply ‘yes’ if asked if you want to make it a ‘trusted document’. If you receive a message that ‘you do not have exclusive access at this time’, please reply OK several times in order to continue into the application.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 1:11pm