Digitization Workflow Tool

The Digitization Workflow tool is an application to track physical material and their digital surrogates as these items travel to and from the originating department to the digitization vendor.  This project began in 2013 to try to solve the issue of tracking books and manuscripts as they make their way through the digitization process. Originally conceived as a project by the Preservation Department the concept was adopted by MSSA for the Kissinger Papers Project. In conjunction with Library IT and outside consultants, the two groups collaborated to bring the original concept to a functioning application.

The tool was created using a Sharepoint and Infopath solution to facilitate rapid development and ease of maintenance.

Library IT staff working on the project

Primary contact:  George Ouellette

Collaborating Staff: Steelsen Smith, Melissa Wisner


In Progress

June 1 – Kissinger Papers Project will begin using it in a production environment

August 1 - Preservation Department ICE project will begin using it in a production environment