Expert Users

The Workstation and Technology Services (W&TS) unit of Library IT is working to restructure the former Expert User Program into a cohesive, successful program with the goal of distributing basic IT support services to qualified staff within the Library departments. The initial goals are as follows:

  • Expedite resolution of daily incidents and request fulfillment due to on-site specialized expertise
  • Provide an opportunity for staff to expand their technical skill set by participating in this program
  • Allow more time and resources for W&TS to focus on R&D leading to new solutions and system enhancements

The current state of the program is being evaluated with the assistance of an Expert User Task Force comprised of Library directors, managers and staff from several departments. The kick-off meeting was in January 2014. We are hopeful the task force will provide valuable feedback, which will help the program evolve.

The initial framework for the Expert User Program is as follows:

Skills Evaluation - W&TS will develop a method to evaluate the IT proficiency of potential expert users. Staff will be accepted into the program after demonstrating a minimum skill set.

Documentation - W&TS will develop detailed documentation, FAQs, and user guides for all IT supported functions that fall within the Expert User role. Documentation will be hosted on a new SharePoint site, which is expected to be rolled out early spring 2014.

Training - W&TS will take advantage of the 10 seat YUL Technical Training center in SML room 332 to conduct training sessions for Expert Users. The goal is to hold training session at least quarterly. In some cases we will enlist the help of Yale ITS to conduct training.

Monthly Meetings - W&TS will be holding monthly Expert User Meetings to discuss common issues, changes to the YUL IT infrastructure, and communicate any pertinent news coming out of Yale ITS.

ServiceNow – Library IT is adopting ServiceNow as an incident and request tracking tool. ServiceNow is in place at Yale ITS and several other Yale University departments. Yale ITS will conduct ITIL (IT infrastructure library) and ServiceNow training. Also, W&TS will assist Expert Users in navigating the system.

Library IT staff working on the project

Primary contact: Beatrice Richardson

Collaborating staff: Reon Keller

Partners / collaborating departments

Several Yale University Library departments


Expert User Task Force


  • January 2014 First task force meeting 
  • February 2014 Follow-up task force meeting
  • Expert User monthly meetings to commence in March
  • Training Sessions to begin early spring